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Overview of Green Lodging Certification Programs

Green Lodging Certification Programs

Green Seal, US based certification

Michigan's voluntary hospitality guidelines

BREEAM, UK based international certification

EarthCheck, Australian based certification.

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Audubon International Green Lodging Certification

Process: Environmental survey that reviews all operation areas, resulting in a preliminary eco-rating and report that outlines improvement rating steps. A site audit follows to verify and formalize the eco-rating.

Length: Six to eight weeks for survey. Eco-rating done within a year.

Price: 1-50 rooms, $350 first year; years 2 and 3 is $175. Revaluated every three years

Stated Benefits: Marketing. Saving money through operations and management. Third party verification.

Notes: General undertaking.

  • Recognized internationally, and NY state uses it as the state’s Green Lodge certification process.
  • Clean the World partnership program: Green Lodging guest can donate their used soap and room amenities to this non-profit program that then sanitized the used products and distributes the items to homeless shelters in North America, and to communities in less privileged countries
  • Survey takes 3 – 4 hours to complete
  • Uses an international checklist, less localized criteria

What does this mean for the El Moore?

  • El Moore has to be in operation, not specifically the construction or design levels.
    • Could inform design/operation procedures so we build in compliance
    • The partnership non-profit is an avenue that can manage disposal of guest’s unused leftover body soap.
    • An international benchmark; not specific to Detroit, or Michigan.
  • The other two certification programs are viable to engage the Midtown community, or the El Moore’s corner block community.
  • Intended El Moore activities can extend beyond the scope and/or criteria of these two localized certifications.

White Paper on Greening Tourism Industry with a Caribbean Perspective

Green Tourism Business Scheme UK

  • The Mercure Holland House Hotel initiated a free bike rental program to guest and included safety devices and bike map. This affected the hotel's carbon impact and was projected to decreases vehicle motor congestion in the area.
  • One Aldwych Hotel included a "Evac system (Scandinavian vacuum operated drainage system)" on all toilets, resulting in an average toilet water demand of "1–1.5 litres (as opposed to a standard flush of 6-7 litres)". This vacuum system also approximately uses 5 watts of electricity per room per flush.

Green Dragon Cetification - Wales

Process: This certification implements an environmental management system. There are 5 levels, each recognizing specific steps a business has accomplished in sustainability efforts. Additionally, the levels progress a business to ISO 14001 (international environmental standards).

Length: Depends on ability for implementing each step.

Price: Unknown

Stated Benefits:

Notes: Involved and intricate undertaking

What does this mean for the El Moore?

  • UK and Northern Ireland specific certification; the El Moore may be ineligible, yet the internal steps can influence El Moore design and operations.

Green Globe Certification

Sustainable Travel International STEP Program