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What Internet Service do we have at the Green Garage?

Comcast Service

  • Our trunk service is Comcast Premium Internet Service with 100MB down and 20MB up.
  • Comcast number is (800) 391-3000

SMC Modem

  • Model: SMCD3G-CCR
  • RF MAC- 78CD8ED09440
  • WAN MAC- 78CD8ED09443
  • Manual: Cable Modem Manual
  • Last software sync: No updates available 1/7/2013
  • Hardware Version: 1.01
  • Firmware Version:
  • Comcast provided


  • Make: EnGenious
  • Model:ESR9850
  • Manual: Router Manual
  • Spectrum Channel: 5
  • 802.11 n
  • Last software sync: date Version 1.0
  • IP address
  • MAC address- 00:02:6F:BA:65:06

Access Points

  • Quantity: 3
  • Make: EnGenius
  • Model: EAP9550
  • Manual: Access Point Manual
  • Spectrum Channel: 2 In front IP-
  • Spectrum Channel: 7 In rear IP-
  • Spectrum Channel: 9 In annex IP-
  • Kernel Version 1.3.0
  • Application Version 1.3.0
  • Last software sync: date

What to Do if You Encounter a Problem

What can you do with your PC?

  • Try "Disconnecting" from the Green Garage WiFi network and then "Connecting" back again. This can get you onto a faster access point and resolve IP address conflicts.
  • Restart your computer...this clears your cache and assigns you a new IP address....all helpful for speed.
  • Determine what kind of wireless adapter you have in your PC. b? g? n? Here's more on the 802.11 WiFi standard that adapters use.
    • Our router is an "n"..."n" is the fastest available in 2013. It can be 10 times faster than "g". You have to have an "n" wireless adapter to gain this speed advantage.
    • you can purchase a low cost USB wifi adapter to speed up your connection

Who to call/write if you are having a problem

  • Matt Piper is you point of contact for resolving these issues
  • BEST...fill out this form ... this helps us quickly get the basic info.
  • OK ... to email
  • We'll respond same day...targeting two hours

Steps Green Garage Takes to Eliminate Problems

Weekly Procedures

  • Every Monday:
    • Restart the router. (Joe)
    • Check status of access points and router traffic (Joe)
    • Ping speed test (Joe)
    • Review trouble tickets from the prior week

Monthly Procedures

Quarterly Procedures

Troubleshooting Procedures

  • Connect directly to the router via an Ethernet speed test. If it's below our Comcast contracted speeds (27mb/7mb) it's a Comcast issue...if it's OK...then it's a wifi issue.

Other Ideas


  • 1/14/2013 Radio receiving turned off on Router. 2 access points operating.

Wifi 2.0


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    • splash page?
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  • Need to set up new SSID with manual connection
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