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* Matt Sitek (matt@pillpouch.net)
* Matt Sitek (matt@pillpouch.net)
* Kathi Sitek (kathisitek@yahoo.com)
* Kathi Sitek (kathisitek@yahoo.com)
== [http://www.studentsgetfit.com/ Students Get Fit] ==
'''Get buff. Win stuff.'''
* Chris Smith (chris@studentsgetfit.com)
* Charlie Rostamloo (charlie@studentsgetfit.com)
== Tunde Wey ([http://www.revolverhamtramck.com/ (revolver)]) ==
== Tunde Wey ([http://www.revolverhamtramck.com/ (revolver)]) ==

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Here's a list of businesses that are no longer here but have been an integral part of our community.

Aardvark Multimedia

Video and web design

  • Alan Sedghi

Dan Blue

Social Proof Marketing

  • Former Michigan Corps intern

Sara Davis


David Childers

Data Scientist at w3r Consulting

Lynn Crawford

Novelist and art critic

  • Lynn Crawford (contact@lynncrawford.net)

Dickinson by Design

Sustainable furniture maker

  • Chad Dickinson

Earth Stones

Nature's best building products

  • John D'Anna (info@earthstonesproducts.com)

EGB Designs

Web design agency focused on helping small businesses grow

  • Emilio Basa (emilio@egbdesignstudios.com)

44FortyFour Studio

Printed with love in Detroit

  • Liz Kerner (info@44FortyFourstudio.com)
  • Danielle Denha (info@44FortyFourstudio.com)

Enhanced Transition Center

Educational/vocational training center specializing in assisting individuals with disabilities transitioning from high school into adulthood

  • Jamie Johnson (etransc@gmail.com)
  • Lisa Mack (etransc@gmail.com)




Navigating a path from well-intentioned aid to human-centered solutions

Kasak Legal

Law firm focused on protecting personal liberty and supporting the local business community

  • Ryan Kasak (rkasak@kasaklegal.com)

Harry Kirsbaum

Writer and editor

Neely Media Group

Nonfiction writer specializing in telling stories about Black entrepreneurship

  • Anthony Neely (anthony@anthonyneely.com)

Marvin Shaouni Photography

  • Editorial & advertising photography

Clair Leighton

  • Sustainability consultant

Pages Bookshop

Community bookstore

  • Susan Connelly Murphy (pagesonlivernois@gmail.com)

Pill Pouch / Elderberry

A pill management system / Restoring elders and their stories to the center of our communities

  • Matt Sitek (matt@pillpouch.net)
  • Kathi Sitek (kathisitek@yahoo.com)

Students Get Fit

Get buff. Win stuff.

  • Chris Smith (chris@studentsgetfit.com)
  • Charlie Rostamloo (charlie@studentsgetfit.com)

Tunde Wey ((revolver))

casual artisanal fare + communal dining

  • Tunde Wey (revolverhamtramck@gmail.com)

Works Untitled LLC

Strategy and consulting to support the launch of art and design projects in cities throughout the world

  • Bethany Betzler (bethany@worksuntitled.com)