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This project is intended to create a model for sustainable alleys of the future for our city and region... yeah, maybe the world. One of our culture's least favorable faces can be found in our alleys. So often an alley is a visible representation of the worst of our culture...the waste, trash, urban wasteland. And yet, we long for a more respectful relationship with the earth than our alleys represent. The way we treat the earth in our alleys hurts our whole earth community. What a possibility they represent to bring new life to our alleys and make them a source of vitality and renewal to our community. What new life could the light from the sun bring forth in an alley? Throughout the African continent, people imagined a different future for their alleys and they now have "alley farms" that help feed their community. A grandmother in one of the poorest, polluted areas of the world...has created thriving green oases in the alleys of Jakarta. Our alleys spaces have great possibilities...we need to just envision a new future and make it happen. Who knows where this may lead...all we need is one green alley...and then another.

This is the story of one alley in Detroit. It is between Canfield and Prentis off Second in the midtown section of Detroit.

The alley in July 2009 - facing west
The alley in 2011 - facing east


Green Alley Project 101 An introduction to the project.

The Green Alley Design

  • Green Alley Research Center - documents the research we've done in developing our approach to the Green Alley...browse around - there's some really interesting stuff.

The Green Alley Development Process

Green Alley Management Page Meeting agendas and to-do lists

City of Detroit Review and Approval Process ... summary of meetings with the City of Detroit

Green Alley Calendar Calendar of events

Future Work

Draft Green Alley Manual

Proposed Green Alley Development Process Ideas

New website

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