Great Lakes BioGrease - June 27, 2011

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return Great Lakes BioGrease



  • We are here
    • Serious Play stage
    • Purpose: Define the 3D Seed for the Great Lakes BioGrease company
  • Collaboration Technology
    • Wiki
    • Google Groups


  • Overview of Living Parts
    • For each living part of the ecosystem we need to identify:
      • Role and Responsibilities ... what role does this living part play in the current ecosystem
      • Trends ... what are the natural forces of change in this living part?
      • Relationships... who does this living part have it's most important relationships with and what is the current energy exchange that keeps this relationship in balance?
      • Natural Gradients...what are the natural forces that could work with our business seed idea...wind at our backs
  • Living Parts
    • Landfills (Bob)
    • Biofuel users (Tom)
  • Example Ecosystems
    • Pacific BioDiesel + Green Dining (Nic)
    • LCEC (Nic)
    • Hoover Alabama (Tom)

Business Seed Scope

  • Re-examine scope of Business Seed

3D Margins Matrix (see 3D_Margin Matrix)

  • Community ... use guidelines in Community Dimension of 3D Margin Matrix (Tom)
  • Economics (Nic)
  • Environment (Tom)

Next Week

  • Ecosystem wrap-up
  • 3D Margins Matrix
  • Business Seed (1.0)