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from Oswalt, Glen <>

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date Tue, Nov 17, 2009 at 10:26 AM

subject RE: Advantage Engineering - compressor curve for 2 ton chiller


The condensing temperature is 25F above the ambient temperature or 20F above the condensing water temperature.

For example…if the ambient air is 95F then the condensing temperature is 120F and the evaporating temperature is 40F (to produce 50F water) the BTU/hr heat rejection for the 2 HP compressor is 28,500 BTU/hr and the EER is 11.3 (this is our standard design). If the ambient air temperature is 70F then the condensing temperature is 95F and the evaporating temperature is 40F then the BTU/hr is 32,600 BTU/HR and the EER is 17.1.

Please note that industrial chillers like ours are designed to match the chiller with the load presented. That said, we have a valve (called the hot gas bypass valve) that will bypass the refrigerant hot gas around the evaporator to reduce the total amount of BTU’s to match the load. This way the compressor will run longer and wont “short cycle” which can be detrimental to the bearings in the compressor and also cause liquid slugging. It is the goal of the system to run the compressor as long as possible without multiple starts and stops.

I hope this helps.

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