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Green Garage PV LAB - Pilot Program for El Moore Photovoltaics

PV Lab Goals

  • Pilot Program for El Moore installation

PV Parameters

DTE SolarCurrents Program - FOR EL MOORE ONLY




  • Plan / Do / Check / Act / Repeat

Session Notes

  • Initial Overview - 2/21/2014
    • Review what will be used at El Moore first, then look at historical work on PV topic
    • DTE SolarCurrent program usually has 2 sessions per year with definite timeline to hit
    • First DTE application batch is in selection process now, so too late to join
    • Next application batch starts in June 2014; may not work with GG Pilot program schedule
    • DTE program refers to Tax Credits for PV also
    • See above outline for references
  • Discussion with Tom - 3/7/2014
    • Install planned for around April 2014
    • Likely to be 6 panels
    • Use same panels that will be used on El Moore; see El Moore design Wiki page
    • Panels to be PV only, not integrated with hot water
    • Don't puruse DTE or Tax Credits for GG Pilot Program, but do for El Moore
    • When roof clear, go up and measure/survey for installation
    • Create order list and allow approximately 2 weeks for delivery upon order
    • Install on Saturday, then have electrician come to complete wiring/terminations
    • To Do:
      • Find panel mfg/model/design & install info; utility requirements; net metering
      • Take measurements on roof to plan for order/install
      • Create order for PV panels and associated materials (may need to check with electrician at this point?)
      • Submit proposed order list to Tom
      • Prep for install Saturday
      • Review how/what metering and parameters will be available from microinverters
      • What and how to monitor output, metering, etc.
      • Document lessons learned as we go
      • Post Mortem after install, after initial operation
  • Planning Session - 3/21/2014
    • Panel Mfg/Model:
    • Panel Size:
    • Panel Weight: