GG IAQ Study 1.0

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Prep - Overview

  • Intro / Background - The Why
    • IAQ is a big part of IEQ (Air a subset of the overall Environment)
      • IEQ through good design, construction, and operating and maintenance practices
      • Views and the integration of natural and man-made elements
      • Provide thermal comfort with a maximum degree of personal control over temperature and airflow
      • Supply adequate levels of ventilation and outside air for acceptable indoor air quality
      • Prevent airborne bacteria, mold, and other fungi, as well as radon, through building envelope design that properly manages moisture sources from outside and inside the building, and with heating, ventilating, air-conditioning (HVAC) system designs that are effective at controlling indoor humidity
      • Use materials that do not emit pollutants or are low-emitting
      • Assure acoustic privacy and comfort through the use of sound absorbing material and equipment isolation
      • Control disturbing odors through contaminant isolation and removal, and by careful selection of cleaning products
      • Create a high-performance luminous environment through the careful integration of natural and artificial light sources
      • Provide quality water
      • Is minimalist approach effective
      • Impact of Annex branch exhaust added to low speed ERV trunk (toilet/conf CV trunk)
      • Cold weather policy
      • Sensitive occupants perception
  • Review definition of IAQ - The What
    • Indoor air quality (IAQ) is a term which refers to the air quality within and around buildings and structures, especially as it relates to the health and comfort of building occupants.
    • EPA Intro to IAQ
    • Measurements included for our study: Temperature, relative humidity, CO2, particle count
  • Labs Study Scope & Methodology - The How / Where / When
    • How - CO2 data loggers and particle counters collecting data for 1 week at 4 - 5 minute intervals
    • Where - large conference room where ventilation air exits space and Helen's desk near front of bldg where ventilation air enters space
    • When - July 2015 for summer conditions; February 2016 for winter conditions


  • T/RH from CO2 Meters - instantaneous snapshots & 1-week data logging
  • CO2 Data Logging - instantaneous snapshots & 1-week data logging
  • Particle Counter - instantaneous snapshots & 1-week data logging
  • ERV CO2 Sensor - instantaneous snapshot & pull history of sensor for same time period
  • July 2015 Readings at Deployment
    • Lg Conf Rm - CO2 886 ppm Particles 14 (Temp: 75.2F / RH: 55%)
    • Helen's Desk - CO2 865 ppm Particles 3033 / 44 (Temp: 80.6F / RH: 41%)
  • Feb 2016 Readings at Deployment
    • Lg Conf Rm - CO2 1072 ppm Particles 435 (Temp: 69.3F / RH: 40%)
    • Helen's Desk - CO2 853 ppm Particles 370 / 80
    • ERV Sensor - CO2

Brain Work

  • Immediate Results - Snapshot
    • CO2 readings high because of Friday Community Lunch participants
  • Longer Term Logging - collect/analyze on Cave Day
  • Comparison of in space readings to DDC CO2 sensor in return duct

Observations - Conclusions - Suggestions

  • Observations
    • Saturday night mystery party in July 2015
  • Any Immediate Improvements / Theories
    • Good to open windows in conference room when more than 2 people
  • Plan for Winter Phase Project Measurements - GG IAQ Study 2.0 / Lessons Learned
    • Malfunction on one particle meter in July 2015 - try to check during week of study in February 2016
  • Other Information
    • The Emerging Importance of Carbon Dioxide for Health IAQ Blog
    • CO2 Acceptable Level may be lowered?? - Recent study indicates cognitive abilities may be impaired as low as 600-800 ppm. Needs to be confirmed by additional research, but evidence is starting to mount that suggests lower levels of CO2 may be healthier.
    • Hazards of Indoor Pollution - fine particles



  • Plan / Do / Check / Act / Repeat
  • CO2 measured in space vs duct sensor when ERV not running
  • Impact during cold weather policy days
  • Compare airflows previous to needed now - can system be re-balanced as currently installed?