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  • Why report it?
    • People are wondering about the results, goals, impact.
    • GG wants to inspire, lead by example, help further the "cause".
  • What are we trying to say?
  • What are we measuring that Tom wants to report on?
    • Electric energy usage - may be dependent on metering (HVAC meter, lighting + plug loads)
      • GG controlled (HVAC meter)
      • In-Residence Business controlled (plug loads - other meter)
      • GG policy (lighting - other meter)
    • Water usage - may be dependent on ability to log rainwater collection and/or usage
      • Water actually used (water meter)
      • Avoided water usage by rainwater collection (log)
    • Waste
      • Established weekly logging in weight or volume
  • How should consumption/production be communicated so it means something to everyone? What "units"?
    • Overall
      • Utility cost per sf per year
      • Complaints 5% of occpuants or less (95% satisfied at any given time)
    • Electricity
    • Water
    • Waste
  • Are we trying to compare our consumption to something else, someone else, or using an index (EUI, etc.)?
    • Comparing to other documented averages for similar applications
  • How can it be graphically represented in a very simplistic way?
    • Monthly average per person
    • Compared to other similar benchmarks
    • Trend over time