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Communication Plan

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GG Labs Wiki

  • Sustainability Labs
  • All Labs Community and Technical development - our Labs Notebook
  • Historical work
  • On-going work
  • Potential future work - Labs Idea Bin
  • Not a marketing or human interest component, but the Work
  • STATUS: In Operation

Google Groups

  • GG Labs Google Groups
  • A way to have virtual discussions and keep part time participants up to date
  • Announcements
  • Discussions outside of face-to-face sessions
  • Short reports and briefs
  • Sharing interim results or resources found directly to our contacts before published work is complete
  • STATUS: In Operation, but not very interactive yet

Labs Twitter

  • Twitter
  • Communication and marketing tool for our face-paced friends
  • Quick hits and links
  • Follow what friends and others in our areas of interest are doing
  • Pass on interesting information we run across or latest activities in the Labs
  • Link to other developing stories, like Labs FB
  • STATUS: In Operation

Labs FaceBook

  • FaceBook
  • Communication and marketing tool for interested virtual friends
  • Short stories with potential links to photos/videos
  • Cover new stuff that is going on
  • Has events scheduler to announce activities
  • STATUS: In Operation


  • tumblr
  • Blogging? Check with Library when ready to start
  • STATUS: Future

List of Contacts

  • List of Contacts
  • interested in labs with various classifications of interest and involvement - work with Library
  • STATUS: Google Docs version being used; would like to coordinate further with Library

Drop Box

  • Drop Box
  • for shared files storage
  • STATUS: Available, but not needed yet


To Do's

  • Update GG Main Page Wiki with current events - ON-GOING
  • Intern and/or chief scientist blog about Labs - Future
  • Where does the Labs jobs eBulletin Board fit in? - DONE
  • Links on front page Wiki to Labs (Laurie coordinate with Peggy) - DONE
  • Coordinate list of contacts with Library - DONE
    • Library currently only planning referral system
    • Keep Google Docs spreadsheet directory for now
  • Is Library planning any kind of referral system? - DONE
    • Yes - is listing on Wiki right now.
  • Start Twitter - DONE
  • Start FaceBook - DONE