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List of potential funding sources for small businesses.

  1. Kiva Detroit: Funding for small businesses. You can receive a loan or donate money.
  2. Detroit Microenterprise Fund: Microloans for small businesses.
  3. Midtown Detroit Inc: Helps develop projects in Midtown Detroit.
  4. Tech Town: Business incubator
  5. Detroit Economic Growth Corporation: Promotes business growth
  6. Open City Detroit: Open City is a forum for aspiring and current business owners to exchange ideas and information about doing business in Detroit.
  7. The MORE Program: Connecting people to resources need to start businesses in Detroit.
  8. Kickstarter: The world's largest funding platform for creative projects.
  9. Detroit Soup: A monthly dinner funding micro-grants for creative projects in Detroit.
  10. William James Foundation Identifies for-profit entrepreneurs who are making the world a better place and connect them to industry experts and impact investors to enhance the likelihood that those ideas scale into sustainable ventures.