Foundational Forum Meeting 4: Defining Success

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The Green Garage

Foundation Meeting 4 - August 25

The Green Garage - Foundational Elements

These three foundational elements are the roots of The Green Garage:

The Green Garage is grounded in our relationship to the earth.

It all begins with our relationship to the earth ... our essential interconnectedness with all of creation. We seek harmonious relationships with the four powerful life giving forces...the sun, wind, water and land. They create a living context for all our great work. They are the primary source of energy for our work. The quality and depth of this relationship is vital.

The Green Garage is focused on a sustainable future through balanced decision making:

  • Environmental Integrity - protecting and restoring our eco-systems
    • Native habitat preservation and restoration
    • Bio-diversity
    • Net positive impact on natural commons
    • Prevent harm...small footprint
  • Community Wellness - growing and strengthening our communities
    • Health*** Conflict resolution
    • Number and depth of relationships
    • Diverse
  • Economic Energy and Justice - promote sustainable economic development in an equitable manner
    • Affordable and viable
    • Creates value that exceeds the real costs
    • No waste
    • Grow sustainable skills and capabilities (green collar skills)

The primary outcome of The Green Garage is a "one earth" pattern of living

The primary outcome of our work is a "one earth" pattern of living. We currently in the US consume five to seven earths of resources per person. On a global basis this is not sustainable in even the mid-term. The focus of our work is to help develop a "one earth" pattern of living that that is regionally, nationally and globally relevant.

The way we get to our outcomes is as important as getting there...

The way is marked by:

  • Community
  • Learning...sharing
  • Innovation
  • Hope and encouragement
  • Food

  • Justice Story

Roots in Action >>> The Green Alley

  • Four Directions
    • Sun...different times of the day
    • Water...flows of the water
    • Wind...nice
    • Land...plants, birds and butterflies
    • Story: Zak putting into his drawing

  • Sustainability Focus
    • Environmental Intergity
      • 50% permeability...return all the water for up to a 10 year storm
      • Have the water return cleaner...plants with roots
      • Restore native habitats...plants, animals...removal of invasives
      • Reduce the footprint by giving pedestrians and bicyclists priority
      • Preserve the wind flow...add fragrant flowers
    • Community Wellness
      • Form Cass Farm - Block 99 Association
      • Place for community art
    • Economic energy and justice
      • Zero waste... support recycling and composting
      • Local suppliers / reuse...Historic Brick company
      • Substantial lowered waste removal costs
      • Hire neighborhood workforce
      • Affordability

  • One Earth
    • Making it transferable...native plants, local bricks
    • Website - Green Alley Project...knowledge sharing

  • FF Input Community area - how do we accommodate the neighborhood in the design?
    • gates
    • benches

Green Garage - Great Work v1.0

  • Commons
    • Design Studio / Educational forum
    • eLearning Center / eGG Green Commons / Library
    • Kitchen / Bath
    • Small "b" resource center (finance (green angels network), accounting, marketing, ecommerce, legal, HR) First two years
    • Gardens...
  • Total Water Management
    • Rain Barrels
    • Rain Gardens, dry creeks
    • Water harvesting
    • Drip irrigation
    • Grey water...sand filters
    • Sump, humidifier
    • Natural fertilizers
    • Permeable pavement designs
  • H2V
    • Intra-urban vehicle
    • 20mph, 365 days,
  • Detroit Carbon Fund
  • Open slot
  • Public
    • Hub Training, Vision for Clean Water
    • open to the public coming in
    • designed for learning sessions
  • Sustainability Challenge
    • College level coopertition
    • Define sustainability challenge... tires, shingles, tennis balls, water, $250 footprint meter, #6 plastic reuse
    • Award - Bizdom U scholarship
    • Top 3 get space
    • Do some education
    • Experts mentors...reviewers

Next Phase

  • Sept - Dec 08
  • Paths
    • Building
      • Community Design - work and social (using C. Alexander's book - A Pattern Language)
      • Zero Energy Design (ZED) - using passive design techniques + supplemental renewable energy
    • Garden - native plant and water, composting
    • GG Great Work V2.0 - Business
      • Start-up Support center
      • Business idea #1
    • eGG - Green Commons Design
  • Community meals
  • Who...everyone...friends of GG

Foundational Forum

  • Sound enough to inform the work and have the work begin to deepen the broaden the roots
  • Thank you
  • January review ... against the core elements