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Vision – 2 things

  • Questions
    • Is the Living Machine in or out?
      • So far, in, but the ability to handle high BOD needs to be answered. Expected answer by Tuesday 2/21.
      • Living Machine would be good because it closes the loop on the water.

Architecture for the Village

Need a short story on how does someone engage. For instance, the Black Soldier Fly people come in – how do we tell them what we have, how can they “plug-in”

  • Resource Exchange. The Village will have a Resource Exchange – List of resources present, and will be actively marketed within the Village and outside.
  • Open Architecture – someone can bring ideas in, but don’t have to take on the whole infrastuructre. How do we make it open and get people involved?
  • There is a lab and people bring their ideas in and we see if we can figure it out.
  • 3D open architecture. What does that mean?
  • The knowledge architecture and operational architecture will be an overlay of the Green Garage - All Focused on Waste, nay Resources.
    • There will be an operating business centered around Anaerobic Digestion of FOG and Food resources
      • This business may also include grease separation to make No6 BioBunker Oil as a Great Lakes Freighter Fuel
      • This business may also include BioDiesel Production from Waste Vegetable Oil
    • There will be an incubator to help waste/resource entrepreneurs plug in to our ecosystem. Just like at Green Garage, there will be assembled design teams to help the entrepreneurs play with and grow their business.
    • There will be a Labs Group to help with technical aspects of the Village
    • There will be a Library Group to help people understand the various aspects of sustainably handling waste
    • A critical addition will be the Resource Exchange
      • The Resource exchange is where inputs and outputs are marketed priced and traded both internally and externally
    • Resources on the Exchange
      • BTU (Electricity and Heat)
      • Water (In Various temperatures and states of cleanliness)
      • Various Organic matter (from FOG and Food Scraps coming in to finished compose, dirt, and everything in between)
  • Potential Names/Terms
    • WOW – Waste of Waste Exchange
    • Resources From Waste
    • Waste-Based Resources

Front-End Architecture

Need a design session to develop the front end architecture for Investing Waste, Investing Resources

  • Potential Names/Terms
    • Investable Resources
  • Questions
    • How do people invest?
    • How are they Recognized?
    • How do we help them feel like owners?
    • How do they share in the gains?
    • How do they share in the risks?
    • How do they know that they have done the right thing?
    • Certification

Location Strategy

  • Criteria
    • Current Brownfield - Taking the worst of our past and making it the best of our future
      • Some confusion on the term Brownfield. Seems like original meant "Contaminated" Industrial Site, then loosened to unused Industrial Site, then loosened to unused site. Apparently, the Entire City of Detroit is a Brownfield under the newer Definitions, and DEGC advised that LEGALLY the entire city is a Brownfield.
      • Some delicate ground here. Since we are planning food operations, it may not makes sense to be on such a contaminated site, unless our development can catalyze remediation.
    • Story/History - Would like some notable back story or history that we can continue, write new chapters based on revitalization
    • In Detroit
    • Min of 5 Acres
    • Adjacent to Water for complete bypass of WWTP (Assuming Living Machine can clean up to get permits for direct water discharge)
      • Detroit River
      • Connor Creek

- Could Call Jennifer from DEGC for Brownfield sites - By next Tuesday – have three sites on the list. They will be wrong, but important. People don’t react to location until you put something forward. o Set up a meeting with Burt’s Attorney – owner of land across the street from WWTP o 6011 Wyoming – Envirosolids Site o Possibility – MCBW collocated o Image we are trying to project – OSU Ads look very good. Look them up – from Dan Smale o Look into Growing Power – Partnership in Detroit.  Food Justice Network Possible Permit List and Zoning - Meeting Monday with Kathryn - City of Detroit site for Zoning o Industrial o OR PUD – most unusual in the history of Detroit - Maybe issues with waste and food production on same site o Could divide into two properties with a line

Sludge II

Sludge is out of the scope for this design

Partner Evaluation

  • Electricity Consumer/Partner
  • Major Investors – Waste Resources
    • USDA Terminal
    • Eastern Market
    • Restaurants
    • Food Processors
  • ADREC at MSU to partner for Pilot or lab scale AD and AD questions like an Extension office
  • Engineering Firm for AD CHP
  • Envirosolids – where do they play? Trucking?
  • Trucking/Hauling
  • Land – Lease?
  • Anaerobic Digestion
  • Separator
  • Living Machine – Constructed Wetlands
  • DWSD