Fall 2011 People's Choice

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  • 2011 Fall People's Choice Experiment
    • Refrigerator Energy Usage - Our refrigerator was converted from a chest freezer to be a refrigerator. It has improved insulation and sealing with retro-fitted temperature control. Research says that the annual energy usage should be less than $5.00. We will measure the energy and determine if this is true.
    • Refrigerator Condensation - Our converted refrigerator appears to be collecting condensate in the bottom of the horizontal unit. We will investigate why this is occurring and try to develop possible solutions to eliminate the condensation.
    • Optimized Solar Panel Activation - Currently, our solar panels are activated when the air temperature inside the panel is above 90 deg F and the thermal storage tank temperature is at least 15 deg F below the air temperature. In this experiment, we will study the operation of the system and determine if 90 deg F is the best activation temperature, or what the optimum setpoint should be for the system to activate if not.
  • Voting will be facilitated on FaceBook and possibly by Google Forms.
  • Used FaceBook Questions for voting. Solar Panel experiment won.