Europe Sustainability Tour 2012

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Here are some notes (and follow on research) from our trip to Europe in April 2012.

Industrial Symbiosis

Kalundborg Symbiosis Center

Came from our 3 hour meeting with Mette Skovbjerg, Project Manager and Berndt Jespersen on Tuesday - April 10, 2012.

Basic Concepts

  • How it works
    • Waste of one company = Raw material for the next
    • Unit Transferred = Waste Fraction
    • Please note the "mindset is free!"
  • Agreements: ...each interconnect --- symbiotic relationship has:
    • an arms length commercial agreement
      • Agreements are typically 10 - 15 years
    • makes each company better
    • grew master plan, not a project, not an's a mindset
      • seems to have been started by bthe engineers working together
    • have a "market" basis e.g. use 30 day energy rates for heat transfer
  • Principles
    • 1) Members that fit together can (need) to be different
      • more difficult to combine waste streams of similar companies
    • 2) Focus on continuous waste streams
      • Some are combining waste streams for several "suppliers" to meet the need
    • 3) Each project is economically sustainable on it's own
      • Payback timeframes have moved from 3-5yrs to 1-2 yrs
    • 4) Physical location needs to be close by
    • 5) Mental distance between partners needs to be short
  • Value Pyramid (using $/lb)...make the highest use of the waste
    • 1) Medicine / Beauty ($/lb)
    • 2) Nutrient
    • 3) Animal Food
    • 4) Energy
    • unit prices go up dramatically
    • first... use output at highest value
  • Symbiosis evolution
    • 1.0 pure economics
    • 2.0 Green...clean future together
      • the power plant needs to be green by demand of the pharmacutical company
      • "Can we solve this future better together?" Can get more by working together
Symbionic Examples

  • Fish farming ... uses 9C water from the power plant
  • Pyroneer = gasifier
  • Gypno - gypsum company near a power plant
Other Symbiosis Resources

  • Plantagon
    • There is a company in Sweden that is selling greenhouses called Plantagon.
    • Very advanced approach.
    • Hans Hassle, the owner, is very advanced in his thinking.
    • They also have a philosophy for Industrial Symbiosis for urban agriculture.
  • NISP - National Industrial Symbiosis Program in the UK
    • They are trying to help get industrial symbiosis' formed....lots on their website
    • They have a website where you can post your waste you want to "sell"
    • They have a facilitation approach to find waste matches
  • Yale University Center for Industrial Ecology;
Other Sustainability Ideas

  • Wind Turbines ... Berndt's info
    • One windmill = 400 mWatts
    • People don't like the way they look
    • Pension funds are funding the projects
    • One of Bern's neighbors funded one.
    • How about Catalaunch and wind
    • Building on land is 1 fraction of cost of building at sea
    • by 2010 100% of Denmark's energy is to be renewable!
  • Algae innovators ecoduna
    • Out of Austria
    • Have production in Germany with a power company Vattenfall...project can be read about here.
  • Solum
    • Anaerobic Digestion company from Denmark
    • Aikan technology
    • Have compost and gas production together
    • This may be the answer to the water!!! It reuses the water over and over again. Cirulating it.
    • Very low tech...but very innovative in the design
  • Heat storage in vertical tanks
    • 125C at top and 50C at the bottom (presurized)
    • Use stratification to help.
    • put input heat in the top...put cold in the bottom
    • could mix if you need some temp in between
    • uses large collendar like filters at the top and bottom to take the input but prevent the mixing