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(Electrical Shop Drawings)
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[[Image:DTE_diagram.jpg|thumb|left|500px|DTE panel to service connection diagram]]
[[Image:DTE_diagram.jpg|thumb|left|500px|DTE panel to service connection diagram]]
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<br style="clear:both;"/>
** [[Media:02_03_11_ELEC_PANELS.xls|Electrical Panels]]
* [[Media:02_03_11_ELEC_PANELS.xls|Electrical Panels]]
=== Equipment Information ===
=== Equipment Information ===

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Electrical Requirements

  • Executive Summary
    • Meet the lighting needs primarily through daylight
    • Supplement the daylighting with low-energy artificial lighting
    • We should always ask ourselves "Would anyone else do this if they saw what we did and its cost?". If not, then we need to be seeking a better sustainable value.
  • Technical Summary

Controls Requirements

  • Executive Summary
    • Want a platform that can be user controlled and evolved.
    • Promotes learning and continuous improvement
    • Use earth's natural energy first...then lowest carbon/cost energy next
    • We do not want everything automated. We don't know the building well enough yet. Let us manually control until we develop patterns of operation. Then put them into the controls logic.

Electrical 2.0 Conceptual Requirements

  • Lighting
    • Overview

    • Requirements
  • Power
    • Overview
    • Requirements
    • Design Open Points
  • Actual mechanical equipment locations
  • Final kitchen area design
    • Cabinet and appliance needs and locations
    • Receptacle locations
    • Lighting design
  • Do we want covers on the floor receptacles, and if so, what color/material?

Electrical Plans

Electrical Shop Drawings

DTE panel to service connection diagram

Equipment Information

  • All black devices with stainless steel plates

Project Management

  • Green Garage responsibilities
    • Furnish all light fixtures, exit signs, and emergency lighting fixtures
  • Electrical Contractor responsibilities
    • Install all light fixtures, exit signs, and emergency lighting fixtures
    • Rewire/refurbish historic/recycled light fixtures

Photo Gallery

  • Gallery template from HVAC 2.0 Center

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