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This page captures the design work ongoing for the El Moore Greens project on Alexandrine St. in Midtown District of Detroit.

Community Greens

  • We want two way activities so the space is created by the people.
  • Who do we partner with?

Community Connectedness Activities

  • Jane's Walk could be a nice addition to connect visitor's to people in the community.
    • Start in the community room?
  • Food
    • Beer garden
  • Music
  • Art
  • Sports
    • Bocci ball

HVAC Design

Floor / Ceiling Design

Sound Barrier

Thermal Design

  • Wall
    • 2" Polyiso and 3 1/2" Blown in cellulose for total R value of approx. 26
  • Ceiling
    • 22" blown in cellulose for R-80

  • Moisture control

Rooftop Cabin Design

  • Wall Ideas
    • Insulated Metal Panels (IMP)
      • Could be good solution for cabins. Available in numerous colors and styles. Metal panels with polyisocyanurate core.
      • Kingspan is one brand, which also makes roof panels.
      • Corten AZP, a painted steel panel, intended to look like rusted steel.
  • Ceiling

Greywater System


  • flotender grey water system ... includes irrigation system


  • What do you do in the winter?