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Address: 624 Alexandrine, Detroit map

Constructed in 1898 by Almon C. Varney, architect, of A.C. Varney & Company, the El Moore is a uniquely attractive example of Spanish Medieval or Late Gothic Revival architecture and is notable for its brownstone façade (one of the few examples of brownstone architecture that exists in the city) with pointed-arched windows and a large turret on one corner.

In 2011, the Brennans, co-owners of the Green Garage, purchased the four-story El Moore, along with several neighboring parcels, with a vision towards achieving the same sustainability model as the Green Garage, just residential as opposed to business.

The time frame for construction is unknown, but we hope to complete the project by 2016.

El Moore Construction Photos

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El Moore Rear Photos

Week of January 20 (2014)

New windows have been going in.

Week of August 12 (2013)

Deconstruction is complete, and right now we are in design mode.

Week of May 20

Week of May 15

Week of February 4

Water tank removal from the Dalgleish Cadillac Building to the El Moore property took place this week. A little background: Wayne State University has made its largest investment ever in a building - $92 million - in converting the old Dalgleish Cadillac building into a biomedical research building. They wanted to find a home for the water tower that rested on the top of the building, and worked for 1 1/2 years trying to find the proper placement. Finally, in the eleventh hour, Ned Staebler reached out to us. We met with Wayne State, STE (the people who would be taking the tank down), Barton Malow, JJ Curran (the crane company) and others to determine the feasibility of moving the tank to the El Moore. The plan was for the tank to be disassembled into a few pieces and moved down 3rd Ave with police escort. On the morning of the move, the crane operators found that they couldn't make it over the bridge on 3rd. So the move took place on Cass Ave at noon on Thursday. The steel legs will be used as a staircase in the back of the building, and will support the balconies in the back. The use for the tank is still to be determined.

Week of December 3

Pre-Construction Photos

Week by Week

We're taking a picture of the El Moore every week from the same perspective until the construction is completed. Photos are located on our El Moore Week by Week page.

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