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Alexandrine Sheldon Campau Willis and son, Albert Campau, on Belle Isle, 1866
Richard Storrs Willis on Belle Isle, 1866
Inselruhe, home built by Alexandrine and R S Willis on southern end of Belle Isle, built in 1864, photo dated 1891
Albert Campau, son of Alexandrine Campau Willis, fishing on Belle Isle, 1866

Alexandrine Sheldon Campau Willis and her husband, Richard Storrs Willis

From Yale University School of Music, Willis the composer

Richard Storrs Willis Wikipedia article

Detroit1701.org - Information about Alexandrine Sheldon Campau Willis and the family connection to Belle Isle

The White House on Belle Isle. This is a photo of Insulruhe, the summer home built by Alexandrine and Richard Willis in 1871. The house sits on the southern end of the island.

Bottle of Royal Salad Dressing, Horton-Cato Manufacturer

Byron Hamlin:

Mr. Byron Hamlin lived at 719 Second Ave, the northeast corner of the El Moore property. He was the owner of the Horton-Cato Manufacturing Co, producers of table condiments.

City of Detroit, Michigan, 1701 - 1922, Biography of Byron Eugene Hamlin (with photo)

I found this poem on a blog entitled "Finding Eliza", a blog the follows Ms Williams as she researches her own family history from Montgomery, Al to Detroit. I think it paints an incredible picture of the life, activity, characters, and conditions .... the messy stuff that comes together to make life in neighborhoods like this so beautiful. Its a shame that so often decision are made to erase these neighborhood when time wasn't taken to understand the value of all that messiness, it can never be created by the new. --Jason


Cass Farms:

Lewis Cass, Wikipedia article]

Cass Farms, Wikipedia article

Detroit1701.org, Willis Selden Historic District

Detroit1701.org, West Canfield Historic District

Biography of General Lewis Cass, 1843, by Richard Rush

General Lewis Cass, by Lewis Cass and Cass Canfield, family biography of Lewis Cass

Great site for history of Detroit streets: Go to the section. "The Streets of Detroit". [1]

Cass Corridor:

WSU oral history database including interviews with prominent Cass Corridor figures including John Sinclair

Uncyclodpedia entry on the Cass Corridor, satirical encyclopedia entry that captures a certain Cass Corridor spirit

Tribes of the Cass Corridor, including discussion forum, news, obituaries, etc. Includes memorable reflections about 655 Alexandrine, an infamous neighboring residence that was lost to fire.

http://www.detroitblog.org/?p=604 This is a great article from Detroit Blog about Tom Boy Market on 2nd and Alexandrine