El Moore: Midtown Eco-Village

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The El Moore and surrounding lots will be the site of a living demonstration center for 21st century urban sustainability. The level of sustainability would attract people from around the world to see how Detroit is helping to create a new globally relevant model for sustainable urban living.

It will include:

  • El Moore - a sixteen unit historic apartment building
    • Community collaborative where members share common values about caring for the planet and each other.
      • Healthy living environment...natural lighting and ventilation
      • Include community gathering and recreation space
      • Mixed income and multi-generational
      • Include "in residence" space for people to come and learn and participate in the teaching and learning. Will draw people for around the world.
    • Deep green historic renovation
      • Net-zero energy using solar hot water panels, super insulated envelop and natural lighting
      • Rain harvesting and irrigation
      • Native plants
      • No waste...recycling and compost center
      • Encourage walking, bicycling and use of public transit
  • Urban sustainable food demonstration and learning center
    • Focused on how residence can grow food for themselves (food security) using natural methods (permaculture)
    • Edible forests showing how trees can be a vital part of our food system
    • A learning center where sustainable urban food techniques can be taught to the community
    • Bee keeping and microbe demonstration space
    • Connected to North Cass Community Garden
    • The learning center would be a open air building made from using natural building techniques (or
  • Sustainable Eco-Art space
    • Teaming with MOCAD to display and teach art that connects people to the earth and sustainable ways of living
  • Community Park
    • community playing and building of neighborhood relationships
    • Include an outdoor skating rink and movie venue