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New wall material options

  • Homasote products [1] offer a variety of fiberboard and interior panel products made from 98% post consumer recycled materials.
  • Enviro Board [2] A low-cost, environmentally friendly building panel produced from agricultural wastes.
  • New Gypsum Drywall
    • Environmentally friendly production facilities for alternatives to standard drywall have recently emerged. The processes used by Clean board & Serious Materials EcoRock reduce the embodied energy & new materials required to make drywall with innovative new processes and by using recycled materials in their products. These materials are new to the market & produced on the west coast so they have limited availability in Detroit at this point.
  • Traditional Gypsum Drywall
    • If necessary to use new Gypsum Drywall it will be locally produced and supplied.
    • Sourcing the new supplied drywall from manufacturer's and suppliers with in 500 miles or less of the Green Garage will help reduce environmental impact. Gypsum is an abundant material and the paper backing is usually supplied from recycled sources. The disadvantage of conventional drywall is the large amount of energy used in traditional manufacturing methods, 25% - 45% of the cost of the material goes to energy cost in production. In standard construction sites 15% - 20% of the new product is wasted when this 'new' material could be recycled or simply used as a soil amendment on site.