Dickinson by Design Humidity Adventure

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Here's where we're recording the data, ideas and designs related to the humidity levels in the Dickinson by Design workshop in the annex of the Green Garage.


  • Chad's humidistat read 78% on 6/21
  • Cherry wood from Lon couldn't remain stable
  • SpinWave read 69.6% on 6/22

Actions Log

  • 6/22
    • Tom and Joe talked and decided:
      • move spinwave sensor into Chad's workshop
      • proceed on connecting the ventilation directly to the workshop
  • 6/21
    • Chad and Tom talked

To Do's

  • Design ventilation for the workshop (Joe by 6/27)
    • Confirm design with Laurie and Ken B.
    • Acquire materials
    • Install by 7/6
  • Determine what conditions wood needs?
    • Look at outdoor "natural" humidity conditions
      • Joe get graph of last 6 months...share with group


What Affects Wood?

  • Changes in humidity
  • Levels of humidity