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Working out the idea of a maker innovation center focused on reusing materials in our Detroit bioregion to create and meet the needs of the people who live and work there. It does this through the development of ideas and skills required to transform the materials into a new use. It honors and retells the history of the materials, people and place. And along the way it builds confidence and trust that together ... anything is possible.

Conceptual Design

The components of the Remakers Studio could be:

  • Core
    • Community of Remakers ... some in residence and some not.
    • "Common Way" in which materials are capture and repurposed into products
    • with shared resources
  • Shared Capability
    • Strategic City Relationships
    • Supplier Community Relationships
      • Blight busters
      • DPS
      • WARM
    • Strategic Buyer Community Relationships
    • Production Community
    • Design Studio
      • Product Designers
      • Tie to CCS
      • Network of Volunteers
  • Shared Capacity
    • Space production
    • Space for storage
    • Tools
    • Trucking
  • Community Learning
    • Internal - Guilds
    • External
      • Make it and Take Its
  • Remakers Market
    • In GG Parking Lot and Green Alley
    • Have tents and Rugs



  • Remakers Market
    • Use our parking lot and the alley for the market (summer and fall)
  • Includes a process
    • Use Detread and mend designs to build a capacity (skills, techniques, methods, tools, relationships, permits) to do the work.