Conversation with Ed Schreck

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Outline for the conversation with Ed Schreck on how sustainability will impact engineering and business.

The Challenge

  • Plan 3.0 - Lester Brown
  • The Great Work - Thomas Berry
  • Small is Beautiful - E.F. Shumacher
  • David Suzuki...our ecological footprint
  • Bill McKibbens
  • Peter Senge (The Learning Organization - MIT) on sustainability

Business Examples

  • Interface (carpeting)
  • Fetzer Wines (wine)
    • Ed, I heard the owner of Fetzer Wines speak. He said the results of the sustainability initiative is better tasting wine at a lower cost. This is the direct opposite of what he was told would happen by traditional wine experts.
    • Sustainability Section of their website
    • Governor's Award
  • Patagonia (clothing)

Overall Frameworks

  • Triple Bottom-line
  • One Earth
  • Relationship to the earth
  • Earth Charter

Component Frameworks

  • Products
    • Cradle to Cradle - William McDonough
    • Green Chemistry
  • Buildings
    • Green Building Council - LEED
    • Living Building
  • Living Systems Learning
    • Energy / Carbon
    • Waste
    • Water
    • Transportation
    • Diversity


  • This will cost more money.