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Green Garage residents are able to obtain Wayne State University parking cards through the GG and use them to access several nearby lots on a pay-per-swipe basis. See the FAQ below for more information.

How do I obtain a parking card?

See Matt.

How much does it cost?

The initial, one-time setup fee is $50, which includes a $20 card activation fee and $30 in parking money pre-loaded onto the card. Once the initial $30 is used, it's up to you to continue adding money to your card.

The per-swipe parking fee varies by lot. Lots 70, 71, and 72 are the most affordable nearby lots, at $1.75/swipe.

See this rate chart for a list of all accessible lots and the fee per lot. Look in the blue OneCard Debit Non-Student column under Non-Student on the right for rates applicable to GG residents.

Where can I park?

See rate chart above for a campus-wide list of lots. The closest to the Green Garage are lots 70, 71, and 72, at $1.75/swipe, and lot 60 at $6.50/swipe. See map at right: 70, 71, and 72 are outlined in green. 60 is immediately northwest.

How do I load money onto my card?

You have three options:

  • Physically go to a WSU OneCard machine and make a cash deposit (the closest is in University Tower on Cass, accessible during business hours; here is a complete list of locations). Machines take $1, $5, $10, and $20 bills and do not give change.
  • Physically visit the OneCard Service Center in Suite 257 of the WSU Welcome Center (Warren & Woodward) and pay by check.
  • Mail a check to the OneCard office, including a note with your name, parking card number(s), phone number & email address. Checks should be made out to Wayne State University and mailed to:
OneCard Service Center
Welcome Center, Suite 257
42 W. Warren
Detroit, MI 48201

Please note that card balances cannot exceed $500 and are non-refundable.

How do I check the balance on my card?

Your balance will be displayed every time you load money onto your card or swipe the card for entry in Lots 70 or 71. (Lot 72 does not have the capability to display your balance.) You can also call the OneCard office over the phone (313-577-2273) during business hours to verify your balance, letting the receptionist know that you would like to check the remaining balance on your parking card and giving her or him the 7-digit number on the back of the card (bottom right).

What happens if I lose my card?

Notify Matt. Replacement cards, like new cards, cost $50, which includes a $20 card activation fee and $30 pre-loaded parking money. Funds from the lost card are not transferable to the new card.