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This is a set of guidelines designed to help make the co-working community at the Green Garage enjoyable and sustainable. They are living guidelines that will change and grow over time so they best serve the whole community.

Building Hours

The Green Garage

The building hours are:

  • Open: 8am - 5pm; Monday through Friday; front door open. Normal business hours: guests welcome.
  • After-hours: 5pm - midnight; Monday through Friday; front door locked. Reserved for residents (no guests/meetings).
  • Closed / Restricted Use: All other times

Please speak with Matt about the schedule for your particular business.

Entering and exiting the building

Parking lot entrance.

During business hours, please enter and exit the building through the front door (except during wet weather, when we'd appreciate you using your key fob to enter through the annex door off the parking lot). After hours, use your key fob to enter from the annex door. Guests enter through the front door.

When you enter through the front door, if you don't recognize the person sitting at the welcome desk, please stop by and introduce yourself!

What to do if you're the first one to enter the building

  • Enter your 4 digit code + 1 (off)

What to do if you're the last one to leave the building

  • Double check that you are, in fact, the last one
    • Walk all around the building, checking in conference rooms, restrooms, workshops, etc.
  • Double check that four exterior doors are locked (front door, alley door, 2 back doors)
  • Enter 4 digit code + 2 (away)

Please see Matt about accessibility questions.


Parking lot on Canfield

The Green Garage parking plan is:

  • Businesses in Residence can procure a parking space from the Green Garage for a monthly fee. The paid lot is located on Canfield near Cass. See Community Parking FAQ for more information.
  • Handicapped parking is available in the small lot adjoining the Green Garage. We have one space. If that is not enough for a specific situation, we'll make more available.
  • Loading / Unloading Zone is available in the Green Garage parking lot for 15 minute unloading.
  • Guests can park in our adjoining lot (if spots are available), on Second Ave, or on nearby streets. Feel free to send your guests a link to our visitor parking guide, which details their options, in advance of their visit:

The Green Garage community encourages everyone to walk, bike or use public transportation to get to the Green Garage.

Please see Matt about parking questions.

Conference room use

Conference room

We have five conference rooms which are available for your use. Please use the Conference Room Reservation System Google Doc to reserve the room you need.

Conference Room Guidelines:

  1. Use the smallest room that will work (e.g. 1 person, use Conference Room #1)
  2. Limit use to 2 hour meetings at a time.
  3. Depart room on'll need to finish 5 minutes early to remove all things on time.
  4. Remove all belongings when you leave. Leave some clear spaces on the walls for others to use. Make sure all food, cups, plates, etc are taken care of properly.
  5. Residents in a 2 person office or more can reserve up to 2 weeks in advance.
  6. Rent-a-desk residents can reserve the day of.
  7. Please keep the door closed.

Relay any suggestions or concerns to Matt Piper. Also see Matt for any immediate needs or special meeting needs.

Copying and Printing

Scanning, copying and printing is available in the business service area in the center of the building.

The Green Garage printer/scanner/copier is a Brother MFC-9560CDW. It is for small printing jobs (e.g. 10 pages or less at a time.) Apple users can use your computer's "Add a Printer" function to search for and add the machine. For optimum performance, Windows users should download and install the full driver package here. Once you begin the installation process, please note the following:

  • When prompted to choose between Wireless or Wired installation, select Wireless; following that, select Manually search for the device and then select Brother MFC 9560CDW.
  • When prompted to register your Scan To button, re-name your computer according to how you would like it to display on the Brother machine. (You'll use this to scan wirelessly.)
  • When presented with a list of add-ons, de-select fax driver and "Enable status monitor upon startup".

Please note that Android and iOS users can also print and scan from their mobile devices and tablets. To set that up, go to your app store and download Brother iPrint&Scan. Use the app to look for our device (MFC-9560CDW) and add it. Once setup is complete, you will be able to print and scan from the app.

Green Garage community makes every effort to reduce its printing. We also:

  • Use blank sides of once used paper. (Always looking for more donations.)
  • Set our printer properties to "Draft" or "Fast" to reduce the amount of ink we use.
  • Use scanning instead of coping.
  • Recycle all paper we use.

If you have larger printing needs, one option is FedEx Office. There are two locations nearby:

  • 3670 Woodward Ave, #102 (313) 832-4806
  • 5266 Anthony Wayne Dr (313) 833-3876

Green Garage residents are entitled to the following discounts at FedEx Office: 30% on copies/prints, 20% on signs/banners, and 10% on finishing/binding. Use account number 0516019662 at checkout to get the discount!

Please see Matt about printing questions.

US Postal Mail

USPS arrives every business delivery on Saturday. We’ll put your inbound mail in the mail pouch on a divider inside your dedicated space. For outbound mail, there is a blue USPS mailbox one block south of us at 2nd and Canfield. If the mail is of an urgent/critical nature, please take it directly to the post office. One is located off Woodward in the New Center area.

UPS and FexEx come by every day...drop off at front can schedule these dropoffs and pickups.

Please see Matt about mail questions.


Kevin with guests

Guests are welcome. Please let person at the welcome desk know the name and time of the people you have coming so we can greet them by name and call you up when they arrive. Please encourage your guests to check in at the welcome desk upon arrival.

We will typically alert you to your guest's arrival via text message or by letting you know in person.

Please see Matt about guest questions.


Lockers in the annex.

There are lockers in the annex for you to use. Lockers are included in the cost of an office space at the Green Garage and cost an additional $10/month for rent-a-desk and shared table residents. Please bring your own lock. Please do not leave any food in the locker.

See Matt to get set up with a locker.

Sustainable Garbage Management


At the heart of our garbage management philosophy is a garbage reduction perspective. We are trying to reduce our waste going to landfills or incineration. Our ultimate goal is zero waste. Reduction and elimination of waste takes considerable effort, and it all starts with awareness. We have embarked on a trash and waste audit process to help us become more aware of what the Green Garage community is sending to the landfill/incinerator and to recycling. You may be asked to participate in our efforts in a direct way by assisting in trash removal, recycling, and composting activities. Our evolving waste handling process begins with the following strategies:

1. Reduce our usage of paper

2. Reduce our food wastes and need for disposable products related to food and beverage service

3. Compost as much food waste and other organic matter as possible

4. Reuse or recycle what cannot be composted

5. Purchase durable, used, recycled, and/or local materials whenever possible

6. Purchase with maintenance, packaging and transportation waste in mind

7. Consult the Green Garage community for items that seem un-recyclable

8. Be conscious of what we send to the landfill/incinerator.

Cans of Last Resort

Restroom trash cans: Trash cans are available in each stall of each restroom for your convenience and privacy. Trash cans are also located in the common areas of each restroom. These receptacles are emptied on a daily basis.

Paper towel receptacles: The white receptacles lined with green liners under the sinks ARE NOT FOR TRASH. These containers are ONLY for collecting gently used paper towels from hand drying, to be commercially composted (see Sustainable Restrooms) and returned to the earth. You may also place your EMPTY Planet brand compostable cups and lids in this receptacle. Recyclables from restrooms, such as toilet paper tubes, should be brought up front and sorted into the appropriate bins in the kitchen or library. The tissue paper wrappers from toilet paper can be composted along with the paper towels from our restrooms.

Kitchen trash can: There is a lidded trash can under the counter near the coffee station. This is only for non-recyclable trash. Please prepare and sort recyclables (plastic, metal, Styrofoam, cardboard, glass, and paper) into the appropriate bins in the kitchen and library.

Annex trash can: The annex has trash and recycling receptacles available in that part of the building. The restroom, kitchen, and annex trash cans are weighed so that we can track our waste and emptied daily. If you notice recyclable items in the trash, trash cans that are missing their liners, or trash that needs to be emptied or other attention, please notify Jason Peet or Kirsten Lyons.

Rolling curbside trash can: The large rolling trash can with 4444 stenciled on the side is for our weekly (Friday) city trash pickup. As a courtesy to our next door neighbors in the Victorian, we roll their cans out while we’re rolling out our own. All trash in the rolling curbside trash cans must be bagged. This is so that there is no trash blowing around on city streets if the lids blow open, and so nothing falls out when the machine transfers it into the truck. The can was purchased from and is serviced by the City of Detroit, and the trash pickup service is billed annually with our taxes.

Bulk curbside pickup: The City of Detroit offers curbside bulk pickup four times per year. Details of this service can be found at the city’s website under the Department of Public Works sections.


Recycling containers with signs up in the kitchen area.

We recycle cardboard, paper, styrofoam, plastics, glass and metals. All recycling containers except paper are in the kitchen. The paper recycling container is located just outside the library. We take all recycled materials out to the Community Recycling Center in the alley, where it is collected by Recycle Here. Here is a breakout of materials we recycle:

  • Cardboard: This category includes corrugated cardboard boxes, cereal boxes, shoe boxes, Kleenex boxes, and paper grocery bags. We CAN NOT accept chipboard that is dirty with food such as paper plates, donut boxes, etc.
  • Paper: This category includes white and colored paper, envelopes, junk mail, folders, construction paper, and cardstock. Items that CAN NOT be recycled are: tissue paper, receipts, napkins, wrapping paper, and paper towel. For every ton of paper that is recycled, 17 trees are saved from being cut down.
  • Styrofoam: This category includes carry out boxes, packing materials, and some food containers. We can accept Styrofoam peanuts, but they must be in a separate plastic bag from other Styrofoam. Please make sure that no food scraps are in any containers.
  • Plastics: Please sort your plastics according to the number found on the bottom of the container. We can accept #1 and #2 plastics together, and #4, #5, #6, and #7 plastics together. Make sure your containers are clean and rinsed; otherwise they will end up in the garbage. Tops should be removed and discarded. Any labels can be left on the container. Plastic is one of the most important items to recycle because it is made from petroleum.
  • Glass: Glass must be separated into clear, brown, and green. Any other colors, such as blue or red glass, should be put in with the green glass. Labels and tops can be left on the glass, although metal tops can be recycled with the metal. Glass composites such as Plexiglas can not be recycled. Most of the glass we recycle is pulverized and used in road construction.
  • Metals: Metals of all different kinds can be sorted together. This includes steel, iron and aluminum cans. Please make sure that your containers are rinsed. Labels do not have to be removed. Crushing cans will help save on space. Aluminum is 100% recyclable, which means none of the material is lost in the recycling process. Every time one aluminum can is recycled, enough energy is saved to power a television for about three hours (compared to mining and manufacturing a new can).

We also use compostable paper towels in the bathrooms. They are placed in the white containers under the sinks. The paper towels go to Motor City Brewing Works to be composted.

Please see Kirsten with recycling questions.


Compost pail in the kitchen.

Food scraps can go into our composting bucket on the kitchen counter. All vegetable and fruit products are allowed as long as they are not covered in a sauce or oil. No meat products can be composted. Coffee grounds (including filter) and spent tea leaves (teabag and all) can go into our composting bucket or directly into the compost pile. Our compost pile is in our back yard.

Paper towels from our restrooms are being collected and composted separately by Motor City Brewing Works. You will notice a white receptacle under the sink(s) in each restroom. Only paper towels that have been used to dry clean hands can be composted! Please do not put anything else in the white receptacle under the sink.

We've recently added compostable coffee cups to our repertoire of commercially compostable items we can accommodate in our system. Only the Planet brand compostable paper cups and compostable lids are suitable at this time. Please empty the cup and check the brand name and compost-ability of your cup and lid before placing them in the bin to be composted. Since these items are being composted by Motor City Brewing Works along with our restroom paper towels, you may place the cups and lids in the paper towel receptacle in one of the restrooms. Alternatively, you may place the items in the blue bin with the blue lid marked "paper towels" in the annex recycling center.

You can find out more about our composting process here: Composting.

Please see Kirsten about composting questions.

Kitchen and eating space

Kitchen area

A few notes about the kitchen:

  • Feel free to bring in the food you need. We have refrigeration and some cupboard space. You'll need to take home leftover food at the end of each day. We clear out unclaimed food periodically throughout the week.
  • Dishes, coffee mugs, glassware and flatware are provided. When you are done using them, please rinse them and put them in the dishwasher.
  • When the dishwasher is on, there will be a sign on the counter not to open it. The dishwasher has 2 drawers, so check the other drawer if one is running. In addition, we have clean/dirty magnets for both dishwasher drawers to let you know where to put dishes.
  • The garbage is located under the coffee station, and the recycling is opposite the kitchen counters. Paper recycling is located near the printer/scanner.

Please see Peggy about kitchen questions.


Coffee bar

We order coffee from Hyperion, an Ypsilanti-based small business that practices ethical supply chain practices. Since not everyone drinks coffee, we have a $10/month coffee club. Anyone wishing to participate can contact Matt.

Bathrooms and Shower

Women's bathroom
  • Each bathroom has compostable paper towels for you to use. Please place them in the white garbage container located under each sink. They will be taken to Motor City Brewing Works for composting. The silver can is for garbage.
  • The urinal in the men's room is waterless.
  • If you think any restroom needs attention, please let Jason know.
  • We installed a shower to encourage biking or walking to the Green Garage, so feel free to make use of it. There are hooks inside for your clothes. Please bring your own towel from home, and take supplies with you when done (you can keep all of this in a locker).

Please contact Matt for questions about the bathrooms.

Phone Calls

Matt taking a phone call in the vestibule
  • For the most part, we are essentially sharing one large room at the Green Garage, which necessarily comes with some limitations. Re. phone calls in the main space, our thoughts are that they should generally be limited to relatively short calls that don't rise much about the normal office din. We encourage residents to take longer, more involved calls in the greenhouse, the vestibule, the annex, the green alley, the sidewalk, or a meeting room. These are guidelines, not hard and fast rules, and residents are encouraged to respond to the conditions in the building at any given time when deciding when/where to take calls.
  • To help minimize distraction daily, while in the main space, please set phones and other devices to vibrate.


We use two different Google groups to communicate pertinent info to the wider Green Garage community.

  • GG Community Wellbeing is the best place for our regular meeting updates, special event invitations, and business-in-residence comings and goings, as well as for members of the GG community past and present to share information, invitations, opportunities, and stories as they see fit. To reach this group, enter the following in the To field of a new email:
  • GG Day-to-Day is for GG building updates (like lost & found, contractor visits, and service interruptions) as well as community-generated notes about day-to-day matters (like time-sensitive requests for technology or food giveaways) that are really directed toward current residents. To reach this group, enter the following in the To field of a new email:

Make sure you give your email address to Matt to be added to both group.

  • You will also be invited to our Google site, which includes a photo directory of all our residents as well as their contact information.

Community Connections

2 degree meeting with Libby Levy in April 2015
  • Because we believe that Green Garage residents are just 2 degrees from the people and resources they need to be successful, every month we host a 2 degree meeting, an informal gathering in which one GG resident discusses an aspect of their work with a supportive group of other interested community members. Subjects are as varied as the individuals who present; most often, they involve bringing the community's diverse perspectives and expertise to bear on an idea, a transition, a project, or a problem.
  • Every month we get together for a TechShare, a half-hour presentation by a Green Garager about a piece of technology they use (or aspect of technology with which they're especially familiar) that could be of use to us all.
  • Once a month or so we work with a business-in-residence to co-host a happy hour at the Green Garage for community members to get to know each other in a more relaxed environment. We'll provide food and drink, and entertainment often comes from our musically-inclined coworkers.

Invitations to all these gatherings will come via the GG Community Wellbeing google group. Let Matt know if you would like to organize a 2 degree meeting about your work, present at a TechShare, or suggest ideas for future happy hours, including food, drink, or entertainment choices.



The Green Garage offers in-house Notary Public services to members of the coworking community. Notarial acts are charged at $10 each. See Matt to set up an appointment to notarize your documents.

Members of the GG community also have access to discounts on FedEx Office copies/prints (30%), signs/banners (20%), and finishing/binding (10%). Use account number 0516019662 at checkout.


Chair yoga at the GG

We want working at the Green Garage to be an experience that contributes to our residents' wellbeing, so we are always looking for low-impact/maintenance activities our residents can participate in. Currently we offer:

  • Office yoga with Caitlin Brown every other Wednesday from 11:00 - 11:30 in the winter and fall.
    • 30 minutes of gentle, mid-day yoga including chair yoga, simple standing poses, breath work and short meditations. No yoga experience necessary. Accessible for all bodies and fitness levels. Come de-stress and re-energize for your afternoon. See Matt for details.
  • Wednesday lunchtime walks: every Wednesday from 12:00 - 1:00 in the spring and summer.
    • Casual walks to various destinations around the neighborhood, usually between 1 and 2 miles. Burn off some calories while getting to know our neighborhood and your fellow Green Garagers better. Meet at the welcome desk at noon any Wednesday (until it starts getting cold).


Since opening for business in 2011, the Green Garage has had remarkably few security incidents. We credit both the Wayne State Police Department and our aware, engaged business community for this. While crime is currently at a low in our neighborhood, it is important to remember that the possibility for property crime, in particular, still exists. We encourage you to keep these common sense practices in mind:

  • Do not carry electronics openly in your hands on your way to and from the building
  • Do not leave valuables unattended in the building, especially in the 3 season room
  • Do not schedule meetings during times the building is closed to the public
  • Do not hold the side (annex) door open for other members

Community lunch

Friday community lunch

Every Friday at noon we host a brown-bag community lunch, followed by tours of the building. You and your guests are welcome to attend. Every community lunch includes a presentation about sustainability and/or about the work of one of our businesses-in-residence. You should feel welcome to present about the work that you're doing -- contact Matt to set something up.

Ask any of us about the Friday lunches.


Tour of group from the Netherlands

Every Friday afternoon we lead a tour of the building after lunch.

If you would like to organize/sponsor a tour of the Green Garage during a time other than the regularly scheduled Friday tour, please see our community tour guidelines.

Please see Matt or Peggy on questions about tours.

Urban Sustainability Library Services

The Green Garage Urban Sustainability Library

We are here for you! We can help you with research for your business and your sustainable lifestyle. We conduct tours for your guests. We will use our social network sites to report on the progress of your business.

Please see Peggy about library questions.

Website and social media

Green Garage Facebook page

Please see Peggy about website or social media questions.


  • Matt Piper ( / 586-530-2316)
  • Peggy and Tom Brennan (

Building Location / Directions

Address: 4444 Second, Detroit, MI 48201

Phone: 313.444.4054

Directions: We are located on Second Avenue, between Canfield and Prentis. If you see the sign for the Bronx Bar, you have found us.

  • Coming from the north: Take 1-75 South and exit at Warren. Turn right onto Warren and then left onto Woodward. Go right onto Canfield. Take a jog through Cass, continue to follow Canfield until you hit Second. Turn right (this is a one-way street). We're about 1 block down on your right. Note: You can also take Woodward straight down to Canfield, and follow previous directions.
  • Coming from the south: Take 1-75 north. Merge onto the Lodge, M-10, going north. Turn right onto Forest. Turn right onto 3rd St. Turn left onto Canfield and then left onto Second. We're about 1 1/2 blocks down on your right.
  • Coming from the west: Take the Lodge, M-10, south and exit at Forest. Turn left at Forest, right at 3rd St., left at Canfield and left at Second. We are about 1 1/2 blocks down on your right.

Green Garage Map.png