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Rain Barrel Waiting List

  • Susan & Tom O'Connor: 2 barrels
  • Exercise Guy: 1 barrel
  • Helen Strahl: 1 barrel
  • Erica: 1 barrel
  • Laurie Pokowski: 1 barrel
  • Tom Schoenberg & friends: ? barrels


Begin to develop community relationships in the neighborhood and Midtown community.


Have visited

  • Bureau of Urban Living
    • (Frances and Clare Grunow - 313-717-4298)
    • trying to model Pearl District in Portland, OR
    • contact: Randall Fogelman - Eastern Market
    • contact: Alexis Cardozo - green roofs
    • knows local green architects
    • Open City (starting businesses in Detroit)
  • Cass Cafe
    • has food delivery through Hot Spokes (313-831-1400)
  • Detroit Historical Museum (still need to visit new archives location)
  • Planned Parenthood
  • Spiral Collective Dell Pryor
    • Source Booksellers (Janet Jones)
    • Tulani Rose
  • Traffic Jam
  • UCCA - Sue Mosey
  • Bronx Bar
  • Mario's
  • Hub (Sarah)
    • James Stevenson - Donations Coordinator
  • Honest John's
  • Revolution Books Outlet
  • Wayne Coin Laundry
  • Goodwells Natural Foods Market
  • Flo Boutique
  • Passport Pizza and Ribs
  • John Paul Hurang 0f the City Planning Commission (notes below)
    • contact building dept to check on current use
    • may need to do change of use permit (warehouse to office)
    • currently B4 district - may want to become B5 district
    • when meeting with building department, want to talk about building uses
    • go to board of zoning appeals to ask for waiver of parking requirement
    • building inspectors on 4th floor will let us know about parking
    • see Mr Meah (chief inspector) after other inspectors
    • go through city website ( commission)
    • City Planning Commission (on zoning): Rory Bolger (deputy director)
    • re:alley
      • similar project: Brush Park's Crosswinds (how did they go through process? vacated alley)
      • Rick Bowers (EA to mayor)(on green initiative task force)
  • Sue Mosey - UCCA

Still to visit

  • Detroiters Working for Environmental Justice
    • 4750 Woodward Ave Detroit (between Forest and Warren) Suite 406
    • 313-833-3935
  • Historical Commission
    • The Historic District Commission is open Monday - Friday between the hours of 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM.
      • Applications and correspondence can be mailed to:
        • Detroit Historic District Commission
        • 65 Cadillac Square - 13th Floor
        • Detroit, MI 48226
        • Or faxed to: (313)224-1310
    • For questions, contact the Commission's staff:
      • Danielle Lewon, (313) 224-8907
      • Susan McBride, (313)224-6536
  • Local Businesses and Neighbors


  • Institutions and businesses outside the midtown Detroit area, for the most part

Key Questions

  • What are we trying to accomplish out in the community?
  • Who would we like to meet?
  • How can we be of help to them and how can they help us?


  • Cookies
  • Business cards


  • tell our story
  • tell our plans
  • ask what they're doing
  • Ask: Who do you think we should be talking to?
  • Ask: Is there anything you'd like to be doing that you're not doing?


  • Meeting others in the community will be helpful for our project