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<return Fall 2008 - Design Studio sessions


The concept


Develop an online presence for the Green Garage that will keep our information, help us to connect with others, and help us share information with others.

Sustainability Goals

  • Environmental Integrity
  • Community Wellbeing: Will promote outreach into the community.
  • Economic Energy and Justice: Will provide access to this type of information to a community unable to access it another way.



  • New separate wiki
  • Green Garage blog
  • Facebook page for the Green Garage
  • Flickr page for our photos
  • YouTube page for our videos

Key Questions

  • What components do we want on our wiki?
  • When do we want to get it up?
  • Is our blog set up correctly and can we integrate it with other components?
  • How soon do we want to get the Facebook page up, and who can we invite?
  • What is the purpose of our Facebook page?


  • We want a wiki website to share information.
  • We want a presence on Facebook for social networking and spreading the word on events.
  • We want to store and share photos and videos on Flickr and YouTube.
  • We want a blog to share current happenings and to chronicle the history of the Green Garage development.

List of regular tasks for web group

  • Update contact list and mailing list
  • Take photos, videos, and notes on any sessions
  • Upload photos to Flickr - put in appropriate set or start a new set
  • Upload videos Windows Movie Maker, put them in a file on your computer, then upload the file to the GG YouTube page.
  • Update front page of GG wiki - update 'new this week', 'things we're learning about', and a new picture of video from the past week.
  • New blog post every week, which includes:
    • at least one picture or video. Pictures must go through Photoshop (600w), and videos must be adjusted to 325w x 272h.
  • On iGoogle page, check e-mail, list tasks
  • Facebook: photos should enter automatically, but we can add more (just grab them from a file) to highlight some of them
    • video
    • update status
    • respond to friend requests
    • post announcements of events


  • Dwight (tech support): 407-467-5775