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The commissioning of the Green Garage systems is an essential step in sustainability. It links all participants together in an accountability for our collective action and the system that results from these actions. We see it a vital start point for our learning labs.

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Commissioning Plan

Owner's Project Requirements

Basis of Design

Commissioning Process Flow Chart

Systems To Be Commissioned

  • Air Handling Systems
    • Energy Recovery Ventilation Unit (ERV)
    • Miscellaneous Fan Systems – Exhaust fan(s), booster fan
  • HVAC Zones
    • Radiant Floor System
  • Heating and Cooling Systems
    • Solar Heating and Cooling System – Solar Panels & Annex Underground Loop
    • Geothermal System – Altherma & Earth Room
    • Mass Thermal Storage System – Tanks, Pumps, & Heat Exchanger
  • Plumbing Systems
    • Domestic Water Heater System
    • Natural Water Systems – Drainage & Rainwater Harvesting
  • Special Testing
    • Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing Reports
    • Electrical Testing Reports
    • Pipe Pressure Test Records
    • Other
  • Electrical Power Systems
    • Panelboards
    • Electrical Distribution
    • Power Metering
  • Lighting Systems
    • Schedule control
    • Lighting occupancy sensors
    • Emergency lighting
  • Controls
  • Building Envelope
    • Floors, Walls, & Roof
    • Windows & Doors

Commissioning Checklists & Test Procedures

  • Construction Checklists to be completed by on site Commissioning Representatives through Unit Level Checks. Test Procedures to be completed by the Commissioning Team, including Technical Integration and System Level Testing.
Unit Level Checks
  • Installation Checks
  • Start-Up Checks
Technical Integration Testing
  • System Verification Tests
System Level Testing - Scenarios
  • Functional Performance Testing

Commissioning Issues Log

  • The Commissioning Issues Log is intended to document issues found during the commissioning process that require some form of resolution, whether the issue is a deficiency, incomplete item, question, or other comment that would benefit from being tracked through the commissioning process to help make sure resolution is reached.
  • Issues found are tabulated in the Cx Issues Log and are assigned a Priority Code as follows:
    • Fail-Repeat: For issues that must be resolved to be able to continue commissioning process or that fail testing and must be repeated to verify that resolution was effective before moving forward.
    • Partial Fail: For issues that need to be resolved but can be worked around, at least temporarily, to continue the commissioning process effectively.
    • Punch List: For issues that do not impact continued commissioning activities but may be completed and visually back-checked without affecting system or equipment operations.
    • Clarification: For issues or questions that arise where additional information is needed to understand if further action is required, or to track incomplete work proactively.
  • The goal is to have all commissioning issues resolved within one (1) week after being found, and if not resolved, to track path of resolution with timeline for when issue is expected to be resolved.
  • Log is maintained by Cx Authority but has interactive space reserved for responsible party to input what was done to resolve the issue.
  • Green Garage Cx Issues Log - summary of issues and status of resolutions
  • Green Garage Cx Issues Resolutions - full description of issues with place for responsible party to document how issue resolved

Commissioning Checklists & Test Procedures

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Commissioning Field Reports (CFR)

Commissioning Relationship to GG Labs

  • The Sustainability Labs will grow naturally out of the Building Systems Commissioning Process at the Green Garage.
    • Commissioning will inform the Building Comfort Systems Lab on what on-going and short-term studies may be needed to improve operations and optimize performance of the systems.
    • Commissioning will recommend O&M checks that may be integrated into daily / weekly / quarterly / annual checklists for GG Services (building operations).
  • Commissioning Progress / Transition to Labs
    • Phase 1 - Basic Operations - SVT
    • Phase 2 - Detailed Operations - Issues resolved, resume SVT
    • Phase 3 - Optimization - FPT
    • Phase 4 - Recommend improvements - Report
    • Phase 5 - Develop M&V and Continuous Cx Strategies

Related Internal Links

Reference Information

CO2 Effects.png

  • Ultrasonic Meter in Irrigation Application
    • Clamp-on type may be used on plastic pipe. Did not find any direct reference to PEX.
    • Follow mfg requirements for pipe without disturbances. Typically need 10 pipe diameters upstream and 5 downstream to get accurate readings.
    • Transit-Time type usually more accurate than Doppler type meter.
    • Does not work well with pipe with lining. Will Aluminum layer of PEX-AL-PEX impact readings?


  • To login to the Green Garage Controls System Web page:
    • Enter in the address bar of your browser. This should bring up login page.
    • Enter 'demo' as username, and 'demo' as password. You should get directed to page.

To Do's

  • Confirm Systems To Be Commissioned - Done