Co-working Community Design Session - Jan 28

From Green Garage Detroit
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return Co-working Community Design Center


  • Recap from Last Week
    • Insights
  • Agenda for Today
  • What's it All About?
    • What is the purpose?
    • Green Garage a deep exploration of sustainability in an urban environment.
      • Living example of what's possible if we work together towards a sustainable future.
      • It is available for the all the earth community to experience and join.
      • Don't mean an airbrushed version...real struggles
    • How do we see it growing out of the current root (work)?
      • What people see and experience when they come to the Green Garage will be the co-working community
      • The current "Green Garage" will become the rich soil (or environment) for the co-working community to grow in.
      • It looks like this...
    • How do the old and new work together?
      • Overall
      • Some details
    • Questions
  • Belonging
    • Big picture
      • Who? People that want this purpose in their lives and in their work.
      • Communities natural shape... like a tree
    • balance of energy flow
    • How do people belong?
      • Overall - model for commitment...membership
      • Contribute what you feel it's worth to you (you do the energy balance)
      • Details (via questions)


  • Sponsor a person
    • 100% or 50% sponsored
    • sponsored person contributes in other ways
  • membership makes the act of belonging feel restricted to money
  • Membership organizations often end up focusing on the dues not the vitality of the organization
  • Belonging
    • Many ways
    • many levels (?)
    • "Want to be a part of it"
  • What's it worth to you
  • Communicate and make decisions via email so everyone doesn't need to be in the same place at the same time.
    • more and better participation
  • People don't know what a community is...they don't even introduce their friends to each other