Co-working Community Design Session - Feb 4

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return Co-working Community Design Center


  • Recap from Last Week
    • Insights
  • Agenda for Today
  • Co-working Community Language
    • Share what we found talking to others.
  • Growing Community Naturally
    • We have a community...we are growing
      • Let the next season of the green garage unfold naturally
    • Next Season
      • Green Business Incubator
        • New businesses
        • El Moore
      • Sustainable Public Library
      • Construction community complete and transition to interior
      • Green Garage Operations
        • Building and Gardens operations
        • Business
        • Community outreach
        • El Moore planning
        • Tours - Visitors
  • Additional Work to Get Ready for the New Season
    • Ways to belong
      • Three new pioneer businesses for 6 months (beta)
      • "What it's worth?" conversations
    • Green Garage Operations Group