City of Detroit Review and Approval Process

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Meetings with City of Detroit

Jose Abraham (06/04/09)

  • Dan Scarcella and Tom Brennan met with Mr. Jose Abraham, Dept of Public Works (DPW) - General Manager
  • Meeting lasted 1.5 hours.
  • Purpose was to determine the City of Detroit approval process for the green alley
  • Mr Abraham indicated the following:
    • He was there to help make the green alley demonstration project happen. He would be the coordination point with the City on the project. We we're to call him is there are any difficulties in moving through the process.
    • He felt the process should take about two weeks once we had the proper set of documentation.
    • Here's the review and approval process he laid out:
      • Preliminary Meetings (about one week)
        • Meet with the Detroit Water and Sewer Department (DWSD) - Bhatrat Doshi (313-967-1541) and query them on whether:
          • Are there any water or sewer mains in the alley?
          • What the repair history is on these lines?
          • Do they plan to replace them?
        • Meet with City Engineering of DPW - Jessie Jacob (313-224-3953 @ Cadillac Bldg 9th Fl) and get the requirements for the submittal package for the alley.
      • Formal Review Process (about two weeks)
        • Submit the required submittal package to City Engineering - Jessie Jacob
        • City Engineering will coordinate a review meeting with:
          • City Engineering
          • DWSD
          • Traffic Engineering - Mani Patel (313-628-5601 / 313-506-2797)
        • Once they have reviewed it and all concerns are addressed they would approve the drawings.
      • Permitting Process (a day or two)
        • The DPW - City Engineering Dept would issue the permit to build according to the approved plans
    • He did say that we would need to determine who would be responsible for the work. There are two options:
      • UCCA issue the contract and manage the work (i.e. us). In which case, DPW would come and inspect the work with a fee.
      • DPW would issue the contracts and manage the work, in which case, they would charge actual costs for managing the process.
    • We did discuss the trash options:
      • He stated regarding the trash options for the commercial accounts there are no issues at all with changing to a contract service.
      • Regarding the condo association (Canfield Lofts) he referred us to Tony Lowe (313-224-3904)

General Information

  • Contact information for city officials and departments
  • A description of the relevant city departments and how they are related
  • Waste Regulations
  • Water Regulations
  • Paving Regulations
  • Maintenance Regulations
  • Options for closing an alley
  • Historic Preservation
  • Miss Dig requirements and processes