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The Green Garage is home to about 50 small businesses and nonprofits. Following is a list of each, a short description of their work, and their contact information. If you would like to consider becoming a business-in-residence, please contact us.

Allen & Associates

Real estate valuation and consulting

  • Ronald Rivers (

Animal Intuition

Growing great relationships between animals and humans

  • Adrienne Wisok (

Brendan Ross, Photographer

Photos that work

  • Brendan Ross (

Center for Community Progress

Turning Vacant Spaces into Vibrant Places

  • Danielle Lewinski (
  • Payton Heins (
  • Laura Settlemyer (


  • Danielle Aubert (

Collab Feature

International Co-Production Film Group

  • Marty Shea (
  • Brandy Joe Plambeck (


Providing solutions to illegally dumped tires that empower the community and promote safe and healthy neighborhoods

  • Audra Carson (

Detroit Food Academy

Experiential leadership program dedicated to transforming the lives of young Detroiters through food and social entrepreneurship

  • Jen Rusciano (
  • Yolanda Scarborough (
  • Jordan Mueller (
  • Angela Abiodun (
  • Jake Schoenknecht (
  • Margo Dalal (
  • Hassan Almaleki (

E. Ferstle Group

Leadership development and alternative spring breaks

  • Emily Ferstle (

El Moore

Sustainable Urban Living in Detroit

  • Jason Peet (
  • Michel Francois Soucisse (

Final Five Productions

Helping your company find its story and tell it in the most powerful way possible

  • Matt Dibble (

FoodLab Detroit

Food Entrepreneurs for a just, vibrant and sustainable Detroit

  • Devita Davison (
  • Angela Dagle (
  • Ajara Alghali (
  • Nabeleh Ghareeb (
  • Jessica Webb (
  • Danielle Jackson (

For All Cloud

Cloud software for everyone

  • David Gao (

Fresh Corner Cafe

Mission-driven fresh food delivery and catering service formed in response to the troubling lack of access to high-quality healthy foods in Detroit

  • Valaurian Waller (

Fresh Corner Solutions

Food business consulting

  • Noam Kimelman (


Helping nonprofits implement strategic plans

  • Alan Levy (

Great Lakes Environmental Law Center

Protecting the world's greatest freshwater resource and the communities that depend upon it

  • Stephanie Karisny (
  • Nick Leonard (

The Grace Lee Boggs School

The mission of the Boggs School is to nurture creative, critical thinkers who contribute to the well-being of their communities.

  • Julia Putnam (
  • Amanda Rosman (
  • Marisol Teachworth (

Green Seeds Consulting

Triple bottom-line consulting

  • Tom Brennan (
  • Stephanie Newell (
  • Maureen Agacinski (

Greenwood Solutions

Green teams, environmental and sustainability services

  • Harriet Greenwood (

Hands and Associates

Environmental and Safety Management

  • Charles Barker (

Insights Advisors

Management consulting for new and struggling businesses

  • Bob Weins (
  • Karen Lesnow (
  • Loretta Hall (
  • John Weins (
  • Maxim Ermakov (

Joseph Lavis

IT management/consulting for Johnson Controls and The Information Division

  • Joseph Lavis (

K Creative

Design solutions

  • Kevin Gardner (


Crowdfunding incredible Muslims worldwide

  • Amany Killawi (
  • Chris Blauvelt (


Landscape architecture and planning studio focused on cutting edge sustainable planning and community driven design

  • Courtney Piotrowski (
  • Leah Groya (
  • Jason MacDonald (
  • Kurt Hilton (


Registered investment advisor

  • Leon LaBrecque (
  • Richelle Durkin (

New Solutions Group / Global Detroit

Public policy consulting that works creatively and collaboratively for the common good / Mobilizing Detroit's immigrant potential

  • Steve Tobocman (
  • Sloan Herrick (
  • Sarah Szurpicki (
  • Beth Szurpicki (
  • Raquel Garcia Andersen (Global Detroit) (
  • Gracie Xavier (Detroit Revitalization Fellow for Global Detroit)
  • Brad Harder (

Emily Nicklett, University of Michigan School of Social Work

Researcher concerned with social and contextual determinants of health in later life.

  • Emily Nicklett (

Charlie Nordstrom

Naval architect and offshore wind energy specialist

  • Charlie Nordstrom (


Crowdfunding to build a better Michigan

  • Chris Blauvelt (
  • Ebrahim Vacharia (
  • Robert St. Mary (
  • Mahala Clayton (


Creative solutions to funding and staffing needs for grassroots organizations specializing in community and economic development

  • Libby Levy (

Red Maple Resources

Consulting firm focused on the financing and management of real estate development that supports community revitalization strategies

  • Mitchel Blum-Alexander ( )

Red Panda

Explore new sound (designing and assembling guitar effect pedals)

  • Curt Malouin (
  • Sylvie Demers (
  • Adrienne Wisok (
  • Andie Simmons (

Ribbon Farm Hops

Nurturing Hops, Hope and a Harvest of Cheer

  • Susan McCabe (

Simply Well Communities

Designing sustainable, holistic, healthy living communities

  • Kimberly Williamson (

Smarter Phones

Smarter Phones. Smarter People.

  • Tony Merlo (

Sprouts IO

Microfarms for personal produce

  • Kamal Farah (
  • Jenny Broutin Farah (

T.A.C.T. Training Solutions

Helping adults and youth build vital life skills for success in today's world

  • Malinda Mims (

Thrive Legal

Serving the legal needs of small business owners and entrepreneurs in Detroit

  • Noel French (

Tricycle Collective

Keeping Detroit at home

  • Michele Oberholtzer (

Urbane Media

Digital Marketing and Public Relations Laboratory

  • Eric Brown (

What's Next LLC

Business consultancy specializing in helping small to medium manufacturers develop strategies based on sustainable business principles

  • Michael Shesterkin (

Writing It Right For You

Academic business writing and editing, e-book and self-publishing, and small business marketing and consulting

  • Pamela Owens (
  • Keith Owens (

Zoom Detroit Studios

Illustration, animation, graphic design and videography studio

  • Morgan Marentic (

XplorFood (Bradley fellow)

Empowering people to live fuller and happier lives by helping them make one small shift: learning how to make real food.

  • Nataliya Sachovska (

Green Garage Alumni

Co-Working Spaces in Detroit