Business Greenhouse Design Session - Jan 19

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  • Welcome
  • Mission of the Group
    • Deep exploration of sustainability in a post-industrial urban environment
    • We have 26% unemployment
    • What is our response?
    • Are we going help grow businesses that are ready for the 21st century
    • What does that mean? Our concept is
    • Growing businesses naturally..not making them.
      • Uses natural process that have been proven over a billion years. No natural systems. Living in a world of unintended consequences.
      • A form of biomimicry...working in the way natural systems work In fact, it try's to match the way we're there are not any built-in conflict points (energy losses)
      • As best we try, it will be imperfect at the start, but like natural systems it will evolve.
      • Not being done because it's cool or right thing to do (which it is) it's done because it's better....for the planet, people, and profits.
    • Our strategy
  • Learning Communities
    • Process
      • Weds 12 - 1pm
      • 8 weeks
      • Everyone a learner...everyone a teacher
      • Start and end on time
      • And...vs. or
    • People...introductions
  • Today's Agenda
    • Set the Context
      • Goals
        • Improve the service offerings of the Green Garage Incubator
        • Hopefully help the businesses
      • Frameworks
        • Triple Bottom line Measures of Success
        • Natural Stages of Business Development
        • Natural Cycle of Business Development
          • Core Elements
        • Platform
      • Process(repeat three times)
      • Outcomes (repeat three times)
        • Business Seed
        • Ecosystem Design
        • Three Business Test Cases
      • Viridia test
        • Overview (Dan)
        • Natural Growth Stages Assessment
        • Business Seed Work
  • Next Week


  • How do you use the contents of the Business Seed Analysis in your Business Plan?
  • Most analysis of the business model is in the economics of the doesn't include the imact on all those around the business.
  • Is this business 1X, 2X, 3X?
    • "It's 2X"
    • "It's 1X because I don't believe their environmental data."
    • "It's 0X because I don't believe their economic data!"

Follow-up Points

  • Heavy Metals