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What is It?

  • Building security refers to the plan developed by the Green Garage to provide a safe, secure environment to employees and guests.

Why is it Important?

At the Green Garage, it's important that people feel:

  • a basic level of safety.
  • trusted and respected.
  • their work environment is secure and comfortable.

When to Use It?

  • A security plan will be in effect at all times.

Green Garage Use of Building Security

Sustainability Goals

  • People will feel a basic level of safety working at the Green Garage.
  • People will be trusted and respected at the Green Garage.
  • People will participate in safety strategies while working at and visiting the Green Garage.

Strategy and Conceptual Design


Cameras (recording after hours)

  • front outdoor
  • back outdoor
  • alley
  • parking lot
  • N annex wall (Ty's yard)
  • indoor, starting 6 pm (2 at least)


  • glass-break alarms (every window and front door)
  • smoke alarms
  • door alarms
  • panic button (receptionist)
  • individual panic alarms
  • door alarm for indoor/outdoor room (some security)
    • or camera on this area for receptionist
    • security co may know
  • indoor or outdoor shutters (winter considerations)
  • window design
    • small panes
    • placement of opening
  • window locks
  • front glass door: glass break alarm
  • dead bolts
  • key pads on alley door and parking lot door
  • welcome area sealed off by garden gates (wrought iron)
  • alley will be lit
  • backyard motion sensor lighting
  • entranceway lit at night
  • motion sensor lighting in parking lot
Building Features
  • locked desks
  • lockers
  • locked tool cages
  • indoor bike racks
  • each business has locked small space
  • person up front at all times
  • visitors escorted by clients
  • no one alone in building (?)
  • lock down procedure at night
  • security orientation
Supporting science:

We worked with Ty, a man who lives next door who happens to be a Wayne State police officer. We met with him for a few hours, and discussed his security recommendations, in addition to his review of our own ideas.

Proposed Materials / Suppliers

  • Still to come

Development Story

The Building Security - Development Story page contains many images and videos documenting the process used at the Green Garage to design, build and operate our Building Security system.

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