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What is It?

  • As with the reuse of on-site building materials obtained from deconstruction, the reuse of (used) building materials from off-site providers also extends the cradle to grave life cycle of building materials. Local sources can provide deconstructed materials in all categories.
  • Also known as: Used building materials; reuse building materials; reusable materials

Why is it Important?

  • Strengthening our relationship with the Earth by reuse of materials that would have otherwise been buried in a landfill.
  • Building strong communities by utilizing local historical buildings.
  • Creating opportunity by acquiring reclaimed materials from local businesses.

When to Use It?

  • When reuse of onsite non toxic materials has been maximized, and additional materials are necessary for completion.
  • When there are any number of reusable materials available locally.

Green Garage Use of Used Building Materials from off-site

Sustainability Goals
  • Limit use of new materials as much as feasible. First goal is to reuse 90% of existing non toxic materials on site. Building Materials reuse on site
  • At least 25% of "new" material is reused. (new goal is 50% 09/01/09)
  • Reduce the amount of material used by minimal designs.
  • Design to match manufacturer's dimensions to mitigate waste.
  • At least 50% of the "new" material is recyclable.
  • Expected durability of material is at least 100 years.
Strategy and Conceptual Design
  • Achieving these goals is reliant upon our ability to research and collaborate with the right local businesses that provide the materials needed.
  • Local Reused materials align with our values in many ways:
    • Reused materials means no manufacturing process and therefore lowered embodied energy.
    • Local businesses promote community well being.
    • Acquiring materials locally leads to reduced carbon transmissions (less transportation).
Proposed Materials / Suppliers
Material Use Supplier Inspiration
  • Prospective Flooring Solution
  • Front Garden Pavers
  • Short Dividing Walls
  • Steps
  • Rear Garden Walls
Brick Pavers
  • Pavers for parking lot, indoor/outdoor, front foyer
  • Historic Brick Co.
  • John Clarke - 514-697-2501 Ohio, craigslist, pavers from Hocking brewery
Structural Wood
  • Areas that require verifiable load capacities
  • LVLs 12" and 16"
Steel I-Beams
  • Indoor/Outdoor Room
  • 10" - 14ft long

craigslist - Rochester Hills - 3 I-Beams

Metal Windows
  • Greenhouse 10 x 20
OSB 4' x 8'
  • Roof needs 1/2"
  • Craigslist: Steve Milkey in Manchester, MI (300 sheets of 3/4 in)
  • Rigid Polyiso 4' x 8'in 1", 2" and 3"
Windows and Doors
  • Reuse of Windows and Doors would strictly be for interior use
  • Solid Core doors can be used as a flooring solution
  • Interior Windows that do not need thermal insulation.
Wood Flooring
  • Living floor material
  • Decorative tiling
  • Mosaic pattern (acquired scrap)
  • Bathroom or areas with drainage
  • Cercan Tile - Margaret said they would start saving scraps
  • MCBW - has bottles that we can Dan
  • Door pulls
  • Handles
  • Hinges
  • Bath hardware
  • For access to the roof gardens
Other Potential Material/Suppliers
  • Wayne State
    • Storage area on Willis (rocks, crates, )
    • Any Deconstruction?
    • Sarah Kubik 313-577-4308
  • Call the dumpster companies and find out where they are delivering
  • Molly 313.922.48XX
    • Warren and Chene building...wood floors
  • John Linardo's knows someone with historic doors...a warehouse full
  • Wooden trusses
    • at Elmhurst and Woodward
    • Rochester bike path ... + rocks
  • Used I-beams for the front roof garden
  • Tile from Cercan - Elizabeth 248.643.6520
Development Story
  • Weekly meetings were held at the Green Garage with with discussions on the materials, their (re)use and the sustainability and life cycle of each of the materials.

The Sustainable Materials Management - Development Story has images that document the Green Garage's processes involving materials.

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Open Tasks

  • Materials Needed List
    • foam for annex flat roof-85 sheets of 4'x8' per layer. (2720 sqft) 8" tapered to 20"
    • foam for historic bow roof- 252 sheets of 4x8 per layer 12"
    • foam for roof garden area- 32 sheets of 4'x 8' per layer
    • foam estimates needed for wall surfaces
      • west elevation- 14pc/layer (448 sqft) 4" total, 2 layers
      • east elevation- 55pc/layer (1760 sqft) 4" total, 2 layers
      • south elevation- 48pc/layer (1536 sqft) 4" total, 2 layers
      • north elevation- 52pc/layer (1664 sqft) 4" total, 2 layers

    • foam for historic floor area
      • 2 layers of 1"foam- 542 pc (8672 sqft)
    • foam for perimeter of annex
      • 1 layer of 2"x2'x8' foam- 9pc 4x8


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