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Thought a little more about next week's agenda and would like to use the following:
Session #3 Agenda - Breezecab
* '''Virtual Ecosystem (30 mins)'''
* '''Virtual Ecosystem (30 mins)'''

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Session #3 Agenda - Breezecab

  • Virtual Ecosystem (30 mins)
    • would like to capture ways that Breezecab could use the web ecosystem... this includes facebook, twitter, website, youtube, mobile aps, groupon.
    • Some of these were raised in the prior session...but would like to get any remaining ideas
    • think about how the BreezeCab riders, drivers, hotels, restaurants could connect in via the web ecosystem
  • 3D Margins Ideas (60 mins)
    • Community - How can BreezeCab help build stronger, healthier communities. Think about...
      • Developing skills and jobs..think about indirect jobs
      • Strengthening community relationships...think about creating interdependencies
      • Developing community-based ownership
      • Strengthening community communications and awareness
      • How can BreezeCab make Midtown a more walkable community?
      • How does it strengthen the community throughout the ecosystem?
    • Environment - How can / does BreezeCab improve our environment? Think about...
      • How it improves air and water quality
      • Renewable energy, no carbon...fight global warming,
      • Reduces waste
      • How does it improve the environment for others in the eco-system
    • Economic - How can BreezeCab create revenue streams to support it's business? Think about...
      • Various revenue streams in the physical world and web world
      • Think about the taxi vs. tip vs. hybrid model
      • Advertising ...more than just a sign
      • Lead generation...for restaurants
  • Franchise Models (30 mins)
    • Joe and Victor will present a couple way in which this could all come together under a franchise model

This is a lead into the following week's topic...which will allow more time for discussing the Business Seed.