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Seed Analysis Chart

Utilizing the Business Seed Development chart to the left, a group of people worked through the business of BreezeCab, an existing pedal cab business operating in the Detroit area.

  • Observe: Reflection on the current business and it's environment.
  • Natural Strengths and Stresses: Analysis of the current business and it's environment.
  • Grow . . .Ideas. . .Awareness: Created from sessions held to generate ideas that apply to BreezeCab or new directions to be considered.
  • EcoSystem: identifies all entities that play a role in operating a pedal cab company.
  • 3D Margin Maps: Identifies the economic, community, and environment impact of BreezeCab actions and opportunities.
  • Risks and Deep Roots: Not yet developed.

Working through these steps naturally identified the DNA of the business.

  • Kernal. . . DNA . . . Identity: Identifies the core of the business.


Initial Business Ideas/Stresses

Victor listed the observations he has made during his four years in business.

  • Current Business
    • Zero carbon transportation
    • Infrastructure includes his cell phone, website, 800 number
      • Currently owns four bikes
      • Maintenance is on a "break-and-fix" system
    • Operates 262 days/year
    • 20% of revenue comes from advertising
      • $50/advertiser/week, includes 3'x2' sign on back of cab
    • Remaining revenue comes from bike rental (to drivers)
      • $30/shift during normal hours (negotiable)
      • $50-$70/shift during events (ex. Jazz Festival)
    • Leadership is strong; Victor is nice and easy to work with
    • Has knowledge of Detroit events
      • What are the best events?
    • Understands the cost of business and pricing alternatives
      • ROI on bikes is high ~ $2,500 investment/bike
      • Very low capital needs
      • Very low committed costs
  • Typical Driver/Rider
    • Tourists are primary customers
    • Demand varies by events
    • Average trip is 8-10 minutes trip
    • Drivers are working on a tips only model ~ average is $20/trip
      • Average shift is six hours (max)
      • Four drivers are employed: two/shift to allow for breaks
    • Driver profile
      • 25-year-old college student
      • Scalper/Sales-guy personality
      • Want to 'keep going' on their shift
      • Generally need a break after two hours - they are tired and hungry
      • Driver's skill range from not-so-good to awesome
    • Understands the skills needed for an awesome driver
  • Typical Trips and Routes
    • Driver's earnings vary by type of event
      • Sports events bring in big spenders
      • Free events generate far less revenue
    • No dedicated routes because no reservation system; instead set-up zones to cover
    • Avoid "dead-end" routes
  • Pedestrian Opportunities ?
    • Light Rail
    • Cruise Ships (new port)
    • New businesses
      • Traffic and advertising
    • Olympia Entertainment
  • Challenges
    • Education needed for customers to understand how BreezeCab works
    • Limited distances
    • Insurance (page 3)???
    • Maintenance

Strengths and Stresses

Using the observations, the following strengths and stresses were identified.


  • "Awesome" drivers are definable and repeatable
  • Zero carbon transportation
  • Knowledge of Detroit events
  • Leadership skills exist; Victor is nice and easy to work with
  • Understanding of cost and pricing
  • Very low committed costs


  • Too many businesses
    • Pedal transportation
    • Pedal entertainment
    • Advertising (fliers, bike)
    • Transportation for special events (weddings)


Idea Bin
  • Social Media
    • Become active on Twitter, 4-Square, Facebook, and/or You Tube video to promote the business and broadcast cab locations
    • Include pictures of people in a cab
    • Add a mobile app to reserve or locate a cab
  • Cab ideas
    • Add a trailer for product distribution like Jimmy John's delivery or ice cream sales
    • Add a bike rack
  • Promotion Ideas
    • Organize a cab race
    • Organize a bar hop
    • Advertise at WSU for both rides and drivers
      • Potentially have cabs on campus
    • Name the "cab" contest or driver perk
    • Have a "mayor" or pedi cabs
    • Pedi cab cookies
    • Bell ringers
  • Infrastructure
    • Motorized bikes are allowed in Detroit**
    • Eliminate dead-end runs
    • Potential government transportation funding
    • During peak times, drivers don't need to work at generating riders
      • Off-peak times, drivers need to work hard at getting riders
    • Possible need for a fleet management application


Initial EcoSystem Discussion

BreezeCab operates within many Detroit ecosystems. Each ecosystem was researched to understands how BreezeCab interacts with it.

Relationships Between Ecosystems


  • WSU Campuses
  • Music venues
  • Tigers and Lions - home games
  • Help with parking at Eastern Market, Thanksgiving Day Parade
  • Private events: Bachelor/Bachelorette parties, sororities/fraternities
  • Work with Inside Detroit: tours
  • Other avenues: Museums, river front, fireworks, Hart Plaza, Belle Isle


Restaurants and Bars
  • Visits to restaurants and bars can be tied to events
    • restaurants can be included as part of the event - an extension of the event
  • BreezeCab drivers can steer business to restaurants from events
  • Restaurants can promote BreezeCab to their customers
  • A connection is made. Event -> Bar -> Restaurants -> BreezeCab
  • What if there is a map with restaurants as BreezeCab partners?
  • How could we do this? What is the benefit?
    • Sense of community within the downtown area
    • BreezeCab would need relationships with events and restaurants, must be 'linked in"



BreezeCab can extend the hospitality of the hotel as the guests move into the City of Detroit.

  • Can collect data (feedback) for the hotels
  • Need a relationship with the concierge desk
    • Another connection is made. Hotels -> Guests -> Events and Restaurants


  • Consider links to future light rail, Rosa Parks Transportation Center, megabus, Amtrak (Detroit and Ann Arbor), Greyhound
  • Service to workers (parking lot to office)
  • Accept reservations? Provide a call number for service?
  • BreezeCab is not a cab
    • Faster (for short distances)
    • Can access places (river front) a cab can't
    • Provide extras (Detroit knowledge, entertainment)


  • Bikes need: a license plant, 300K insurance required on each bike
  • Regulations are enforced by city or county
  • Provide proof of inspection - like a cab?


  • $15.9 million annual spending in Michigan
  • $3.75 million hotel spending
  • Why do visitors come? Visit family and friends, gaming and Greenfield Village
  • What do visitors need? Restaurants, shopping, lodging, entertainment
  • Where do visitors get their information?, Detroit magazines, Detroit visitors bureau

Web Site

Web Booking/site
  • Opportunity to tell the BreezeCab story
    • Announce events that BreezeCab will be at
    • Current bike locations
  • Customers can make online reservations
  • Optimize - BreezeCab should appear high in the search engine rankings (natural or Adwords)


  • A way for drivers to communicate
  • Possibly could operate like a GPS


Bikes and Drivers
  • Student groups: WSU, CCS, other
    • This group of students are available during the summer, looking for work and money, hours are good for students (late afternoon)
  • Football players
    • Generate community support, provide a way to support their team
  • Bike groups
    • They know the roads
    • Could own and trick out the bikes to make them unique
      • Carry a BBQ grill, ice cream truck

BreezeCab offer employment (hours and cash) to this group, the community (students, bike groups) is strengthened, BreezeCab benefits by engaging a passionate group and with unique bike designs.


Facebook and Twitter
  • Social media can be used to generate awareness, attract drivers, advertise, display authenticity, post pictures of customers having fun, promote "where we are now" and where we will be.
  • Social media can create a network from Like! and 4Square apps
  • Display miles pedaled as a way to promote eco-friendly transportation - emissions NOT produced
  • Promote restaurants that develop a relationship with BreezeCab

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps
  • Provide GPS in cabs for drivers and dispatchers
  • Advertise where cabs are
  • Allow customers to book a cab
  • Share a Ride service?

3D Margin Maps

The 3D Margin Map evaluates the actions of BreezeCab consistent with a triple bottom line methodology. The ecosystems impacted are the City of Detroit, Hotels, Restaurants, and Events. Impact to the eco-systems are identified as community-based, environmental, and/or economic. The detailed 3D Margin Map can be found at

Community impacts
  • City of Detroit: Make Detroit welcoming, safe, and fun by bringing together the BreezeCab network, being the "eyes" on the street to promote safety, and engaging the artist community to create art for the cabs.
  • Hotels: Allow the hotels to extend their hospitality into the surrounding community by providing BreezeCab network connections, connect guests to local attractions as well as restaurants and events, and connect guests to other Detroit transportation options like the People Mover.
  • Restaurants: Expand the guest experience by providing a safe and fun alternative to return to their hotel, event, or car with a mini-tour of the downtown area.
Environmental impacts
  • City of Detroit: Awareness
  • Hotels, Restaurants, Events: Provide an eco-friendly, zero carbon transportation option. No fumes - Just fun! BreezeCab is good for the workers and the environment. Promote a green hotel and green dining option.
Economic impacts
  • City of Detroit: Attract and retain visitors to Detroit. Encourage visitors to spend locally in the downtown area. This entrepreneurial business will add approximately six new jobs in the city. The opportunity exists to provide street-level business intelligence that drivers are positioned to collect.
  • Restaurants: Provide real-time market intelligence and feedback on guest satisfaction. Direct customers from hotels and events to the network restaurants. Being part of the network, restaurants will gain more name recognition by being included on BreezeCab cards, bikes, and signage at hotels.
  • Events: Extend the event's customer experience by providing exclusiveness of the cab ride to VIPs or included in ticket packages. Provide business intelligence collected by drivers.
  • BreezeCab: Revenue. More information at

3D Needs and Outcomes

The development of 3D Needs and Outcomes looks at the community, economic, and environment in which BreezeCab will operate and examines the positive outcomes of BreezeCab's actions.

  • Community includes employees, customers and guests, relationships, and the safety and security
  • Economics includes the revenue, cost, risk, and returning guests
  • Environment includes the energy, air quality, water, identity, and footprint
City of Detroit
Hotel: Needs and Outcomes
  • Community Need: Friendly work environment, transportation option for guests, guest entertainment, foster relations of the guest to the city, fight the perception of unsafe city, have guests feel welcome with personal attention
    • BreezeCab will: Extend the hotel into the community, have a positive attitude/influence; provide pickup and drop off, an entertaining ride, entertaining and intimate experience in a open (to the neighborhoods) cab, personal relationship with the guest; reduce the uncertainty and stress of a new city
    • Positive Outcome: Happy workers (possible perk to offer cab ride to parking areas), guests feel safe, welcome have fun, learn about the city and area
  • Economic Need: Advertising awareness, connection to BreezeCab network
    • BreezeCab will: Provide advertising by word of mouth, personal service to increase customer satisfaction, identify customer satisfaction issues
    • Positive Outcome: Happy guests, return guests
  • Environmental Need: Green lodging opportunities, contribute to improved air quality, identify their contribution to environmental issues
    • BreezeCab will: Zero carbon transportation options
    • Positive Outcome: Earn green recognition
Restaurants: Needs and Outcomes
  • Community Need: be connected to hotels and events, be able to call BreezeCab, customers want to 'known', birthday and anniversary facilities, spread name by word of mouth
    • BreezeCab will: know what the customer knows, know the menus and prices, know the customer by name
    • Positive Outcome: returning guests
  • Economic Need: more customers, for customers to get home safely, carry-out delivery to hotels
    • BreezeCab will: provide advertising opportunities, flyers, draw attention by parking a bike nearby
    • Positive Outcome: more customers
  • Environmental Need: green dining
    • BreezeCab will: provide eco-friendly transportation option
    • Positive Outcome: green recognition for the restaurant
Hotel: Needs and Outcomes
  • Community Need:
    • BreezeCab will:
    • Positive Outcome:
  • Economic Need:
    • BreezeCab will:
    • Positive Outcome:
  • Environmental Need: MGM development of green gardens, looking for a green presence
    • BreezeCab will: Provide a zero carbon solution
    • Positive Outcome: Green recognition


Natural Risks and Mitigating Strategies
  • Risk: Theft
    • Strategy: GPS tracks timing, guest counts, location
  • Risk: Security
    • Strategy: Network route, communications
  • Risk: Manage Hotels, restaurants, driver/guest, BreezeCab/Drivers relationships
    • Strategy: maintain relationships, provide feedback on guest satisfaction to concierge, open two-way communication, provide information on "what's hot"
  • Risk: Reliability of the driver and bike
    • Procure maintenance agreement, run two shifts (provide extra drivers)
  • Risk: Normal change curve, valley of despair
    • Strategies: Communications, manage expectations

Business Seed (DNA)

Many elements make up the DNA of BreezeCab.

Design Elements

Service Design


Cab Design
  • Cabs run - rain or shine!
  • Engage local artists to design mural to wrap around the cab.
    • Designate a small spot on it for network members.
  • Each bike/cab will:
    • be fitted to the driver
    • display cab's license
    • display driver's name and picture
    • display BreezeCab logo, phone number, and website address
    • have GPS
    • have music (optional)
    • distribute Inside Detroit type brochures
    • be part of routine maintenance


Drivers Design

Drivers are the 'heart' of BreezeCab. Drivers interface directly with the customers, are responsible for their safety, and are an extension of the City of Detroit. They must reflect the values of the BreezeCab.

Driver Criteria

  • Friendly, energetic with good listening skills
  • Ambassadors for the city
  • Over age 18
  • Valid driver's license

Driver Relationships

    • Inside Detroit
    • Eyes and ears for public safety - obtain certified training

Driver knowledge

  • Planned BreezeCab route
  • Landmarks with fun stories
  • BreezeCab network members
  • Restaurant menus, bar music, dress codes
  • Restaurant serving times
  • Restaurant food specialties
  • Be on a first name basis; customers and the host/hostess/owner of the restaurant
  • Physical conditioning
  • Trained on bike safety and repair
  • Wear provided uniform - shirt, hat/visor, jacket/fleece/windbreaker


Guest Design

Who are the BreezeCab guests?

  • Both local and out-of-town visitors
  • #1 are 2 or 3 women
  • #2 are couples
  • Repeat guests will get a VIP card
  • They enter the BreezeCab network by staying at a hotel, traveling to a restaurant and/or attending an event.
  • They get in the actual cab
    • in front of a hotel via a concierge
    • by reserving a cab through the website
    • by calling a toll free number
    • by using a mobile app

BreezeCab drivers will know guests by name
BreezeCab drivers will make referrals to local cab companies if the destination is outside the network

  • Never say no (offer an alternative), but sell the network


Fees Design
  • Drivers:
    • Two shifts; early shift 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. and late shift 9 p.m. to 2 a.m.
      • Exceptions are Monday late shift ends at midnight and no late shift on Sunday.
    • Collect $5 per person per ride
    • Payment accepted cash or credit/debit card
  • BreezeCab:
    • Three-tier lease rates for bikes:
      • $30/shift - Mondays and Tuesdays, both shifts
      • $50/shift - early shift on Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday
      • $70/shift - Wednesday - Friday late shift, Friday and Saturday early shift.

More information at

Network Design


Network Design

The downtown BreezeCab network is a predetermined goup of routes, with points of interested identified, connecting hotels (4), events/venues (6), and restaurants (~20).

  • A pocket-sized, printed map, similar to Inside Detroit's map, will be distributed by drivers to guests
  • Website will include the map
  • Rewards will be offered within the network
    • Restaurants => BreezeCab => Hotels Concierge) and Guests (VIP card)

Smart network equals

  • know where the cabs are all the time
  • frequency of referrals
  • creation of business intelligence
    • what's hot, what's not
  • provide information on network members
    • menus, hours, days, specials


Events/Venues Design
  • Venues are part of the BreezeCab network
    • Integrate venues into "inside" downtown network of restaurants
  • Six events and venues are part of the network:
    • Comerica Park
    • Ford Field
    • Fox Theatre
    • Joe Louis
    • Riverfront
    • Hart Plaza
  • Provide a dependable cab location for drop-off and pick-up
    • Use a VIP area
    • Use an A-frame to define the location and exclusivity of the location


Hotel Design

Hotels are the assets (create value for the network)of BreezeCab. Four hotels are in the downtown network

  • Westin Book Cadillac (Concierge & Bellman)
  • Marriott Hotel in the Ren Cen (Concierge)
  • Hilton Garden Inn (Front Desk)
  • Greektown Hotel (Bellman)
  • More hotel information at Media:BreezeCab_Hotel_Details.pdf

Relationship with hotels

  • scheduled rides from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. (i.e. every 15 minutes); on-call from 9 p.m to 2 a.m.
  • exclusive commitment from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.
  • know the hotel personnel by name: concierge, bellman, or front desk staff
  • develop a reward program for referrals
  • track the success and frequency of rides, provide feedback to hotels
  • secure space with signage near the front door


Restaurants Design

Restaurants in the network are clustered around three areas:

  • Fox Theatre
  • Greektown
  • Harmone Park/Broadway

Data gathered from customers through drivers could become a business intelligence product offered to restaurants

BreezeCab relationship with the restaurants

  • Be on a first name basis with restaurant
    • Key relationship is with the owner/hostess
    • Drivers on call during all shifts
    • provide two-way trips from hotel or event and restaurant
  • Track number of referrals to the restaurants (increased business)

BreezeCab provides restaurants

  • Network/VIP discount to guests
  • Restaurant name on A-frame type sign at each hotel advertising the BreezeCab network
  • Included on the BreezeCab network map
  • Optional advertising on the bike cab

Data gathered from customers through drivers could become a business intelligence product offered to restaurants


Schedule Design

Drivers will stay on the designated routes - see Network Design for route information Early evening shift is 3 p.m. to 9 p.m.

  • 100% of rides in the network
  • Drivers will be centered around the hotels

Late night shift is 9 p.m. to 2 a.m.

  • 75% of rides in the network
  • on-call with hotels
  • Drivers will be centered around the bar/restaurant areas within the network.

For hours of operation, see

Infrastructure Design

Technology Infrastructure

Infrastructure Design

To support BreezeCab, infrastructure needs include:

  • Driver training
  • scheduling and dispatch services for cabs
  • GPS capability for the drivers and schedulers
  • texting system for drivers and schedulers
  • social media presence
    • facebook
    • twitter
  • 800 number services such as Grasshopper
  • website development and maintence
  • preventative maintenance for vehicles
    • determine who and how for maintenance
  • information collection method for drivers
  • BreezeCab mobile network app

Information Infrastructure

Information Design

BreezeCab has the opportunity to provide information to both the assets (Hotels) in the network, and the partners (Restaurants and Venues). In addition, BreezeCab will provide Detroit-based information to their guests.

For the guests:

  • Points of interest along the route
  • BreezeCab network map (similar to Inside Detroit's map) with routes, hotels, restaurants, and venues.
  • VIP benefits
  • Information capture of bikes/drivers
    • Condition of cabs
    • Checklist of customer service quality standards
  • Information capture of guest experience
    • Restaurant/Hotel/Venue service and quality

For network members (business intelligence):

  • Feedback on guest experience
  • Restaurant news: menus, hours, openings/closing, specialties
  • Provide referrals based on customer feedback

Inside Detroit Notes and Ideas

Notes from Jeanette of Inside Detroit
  • Co-working network with inside Detroit
    • Share marketing
    • Get scripts for points of interest
  • Add the Book Cadillac
    • Strong/stable staff
    • concierge on staff
    • currently no shuttle service
    • move route to cover Woodward and Washington
  • Have scheduled booking
    • Let the Concierge do the booking
    • Have set times
      • Ex. 6 p.m. at Book Cadillac
      • 6:15 p.m. at ??
    • Be able to answer the question of "When will you be at the Book Cadillac?"
    • Keep track of customers taken to restaurants and casinos
    • Gift to concierge for referrals
    • Tie into biking community
    • DIG downtown calendar

BreezeCab - The Company

The Company is:

  • A community interaction
  • A community advocate
  • A network of Hotels, Restaurants, and Events
  • Provides hospitality to Detroit guests
  • Provides benefits to Hotels, Restaurants, and Events in the network
  • Provides an zero carbon transportation solution

Read the company description at

BreezeCab - A Customer's Story

The customer experience includes:

  • Safe transportation by a licensed cab and driver
  • Personalized service on a first name basis
  • Information on the city, attractions, and restaurants

Read a customer experience at