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Cities as sustainable ecosystems.jpg

Cities as Sustainable Ecosystems Principles and Practices by Peter Newman and Isabella Jennings (donation from Jannie Biernat)

Death and life.jpg

The Death and Life of Great American Cities by Jane Jacobs. (2 copies) From Wikipedia: A greatly influential book on the subject of urban planning in the 20th century. First published in 1961, the book is a critique of modernist planning policies claimed by Jacobs to be destroying many existing inner-city communities.


Driving and the Built Environment Transportation Research Board Special Report 298

From eco-cities to living machines.jpg

From Eco-Cities to Living Machines by Nancy Jack Todd and John Todd

The future of the past.jpg

The Future of the Past: A Conservation Ethic for Architecture, Urbanism, and Historic Preservation by Steven W. Semes

Pocket neighborhoods.jpg

Pocket Neighborhoods: Creating Small-Scale Community in a Large-Scale World by Ross Chapin.

Tight Urbanism.jpg

Tight Urbanism by Daniel Toole


Transportation In A Climate-Constrained World by Andreas Schafer, John Heywood, Henry Jacoby and Ian Waltz

Waiting for gautreaux.jpg

Waiting for Gautreaux: A Story of Segregation, Housing, and the Black Ghetto by Alexander Polikoff