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Arc of justice.jpg

Arc of Justice by Kevin Boyle

Detroit almanac.jpg

The Detroit Almanac: 300 years of life in the Motor City by Peter Gavrilovich and Bill McGraw

Detroits cass corridor.jpg

Detroit's Cass Corridor by Armando Delicato and Elias Khalil. We are mentioned with historic and recent photos!

Detroit city.jpg

Detroit City Is The Place To Be: The Afterlife of an American Metropolis by Mark Binelli.

Review by Peggy Brennan:

Mark Binelli grew up in St. Clair Shores, left for New York, but returned for a year to develop material for this book. As the title indicates, the focus is an examination of Detroit as the struggling post-industrial city, with an attempt to explain how it got there. Each chapter is a separate essay covering a wide variety of subjects: the ruined buildings, politics, crime, the newer movements into the city (arts and urban agriculture). He has done his research, and has done a good job analyzing the various areas. As relentlessly depressing as the book is, he somehow, in the end, ends up siding with the optimists who believe Detroit has a bright future.


Detroit's Coming of Age: 1873 to 1973 by Don Lochbiler (Donation from Mitzi Carter)

Detroit future city.jpg

Detroit Future City: 2012 Detroit Strategic Framework Plan by The Detroit Works Project Long-Terms Planning Steering Committee (1 copy; Reference only)

Historic photos of detroit.jpg

Historic Photos of Detroit by Mary J. Wallace

Home in detroit.jpg

Home in Detroit: Where They Lived... in the Motor City by T. Burton

The Inn on Ferry Street.jpg

The Inn on Ferry Street, by Nancy Null Derringer.
A photographic history of the Queen Anne style homes that make up the Inn on Ferry Street.

The origins of the urban crisis.jpg

The Origins of the Urban Crisis: Race and Inequality in Postwar Detroit by Thomas J. Sugrue (2 copies)

Reimagining detroit.jpg

Reimagining Detroit: Opportunities for Redefining an American City by John Gallagher

Revolution detroit.jpg

Revolution Detroit: Strategies for Urban Reinvention by John Gallagher (1 signed copy)

Thanks for the view.jpg

Thanks for the View, Mr. Mies: Lafayette Park Detroit edited by Danielle Aubert, Lana Cavar and Natasha Chandani.