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toilets: The toilets are Toto CST454CEFG. Saves 20-Percent water over 1.6gpf toilets. It's 1.28 gallons per flush.

waterless urinal: We bought a Sonora Model # 2004B Waterless Urinal.

sinks: The sinks in both men's and women's restrooms are Kohler K 2382-0. The marble countertops surrounding the sinks came from the garage of Woody Melcher.

faucets: ETF-600 Series 0.5 gpm flow Sloan Brochure

shower: Our shower head is a low-flow fixture of 2.5 gallons per minute. Our floor tiles came from Metropolitan Enviroquarry (Q8485 Transition). They have 50% recycled content. Our wall tiles come from Crossville Classic Mosaics (Storm).

compostable paper towels: The paper towels are 49500/ Recycled Paper C-Fold Hand Towels and come from Michigan Green Safe Products. We are composting our paper towels (and the wrapping from our toilet paper) in Palmer Park, in conjunction with Motor City Brewing Works. The towels are mixed in with spent grains from the brewing process and horse manure to produce the compost.

doors: Doors were donated by Ken Byczynski and were reclaimed by him from a school renovation.

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