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Current back yard of the GG.

The original back yard was overgrown and quite desolate looking. It represents our eastern wall, but light in this area is minimal due to the closeness of the building abutting it. We knew that the plant material all had to go, and that the area would need to be fenced.

When we remodeled the green alley, we also had Mike Mancini of Redford Cement clean out the back yard soil and replace it with a layer of pea gravel. Because the space is so narrow (9 ft), we knew that the backyard would mainly serve as a passageway, with a few box gardens along the way.

The back yard gardens feature:

  • arborvitae
  • climbing hydrangea along the back wall of our building (great for the shady area)
  • Virginia creeper along the back fence
  • annuals in fence boxes
  • a dogwood
  • black-eyed Susans
  • a compost pile towards the back
  • a gardener's bench
  • a table and chairs for relaxation