Air Filter Gauges

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Air Filter Differential Pressure Gauges

Air Filter Gauge Options


  • Cheap $15 General Aire filter gauge only has one sensing tube on the downstream side of the filter; okay for home furnace with one mode operation. Not desired for GG application because of multiple modes of operation and speeds. Better to have an actual reading that can be put in context of operating conditions and can be mounted remotely where can be more easily monitored.
  • Filter clean pressure drop = 0.26 in. w.c.
  • Filter dirty pressure drop = 1.00 in. w.c.
  • Gauge should be 0 - 2 in w.c. to go across one filter.
  • Links on this page are for information on model/type of gauge. May be lower prices available for these items if search performed.
  • Jeff Sturges of OmniCorp maker space is interested in working with us or sending someone, who could make us a readout for the gauge near the clock at Tank Town. That way we'll know when we need to change filters without crawling around.
  • Are there other points we'd like to monitor and display along with the pressure differential?
    • Total BTU/h that the panels are putting out
    • Indicator lights for fan low/high speed
    • Air temp in duct work before and after coil


  • Plan / Do / Check / Act / Repeat
  • Send Jeff project requirements for the air filter monitor. (Joe/Laurie)