A Green History at the Green Garage

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Peggy:.... Hmmm

I hope I'm not becoming a pest but I had to pass this little bit of nostalgic and strangely coincidental piece of the background of 4444 Second Blvd.

Very fortunate for me you now know who the "Chief" was but I was also just as fond of his Soulmate.

She was the Office Manager , Bookeeper and Financial Manager of S.Kanners & Co throughout I'ts tenure.

They were a "Fabulous Team". Her formal name was Ida S. Kanners, but the Chief never ever called her Ida .

To the Chief she was always Peggy Or Peg.

The Chiefs Favorite Song was ( I'm sure, you especially, could have guessed this ) "Peg O my Heart"

And now about the name "Green Garage" ( I know, in the New World the word Green is associated wih energy conservation)

The closest thing to an energy conservation application at 4444 second blvd that I could relate to was the "Wood Peg".

"GREEN "........Hmmm

There was one and only one color ever considered by the "Chief" for 4444 Second Blvd.

All of the signage - stationary - letterheads - delivery trucks had to be

You Guessed it "GREEN"

When the Second World War ended the "Chief" was finally allowed to purchase a much needed new truck ,unfortunately, you took any color you could

lay your hands on, this one happened to be WHITE. "No Way He told his son Victor I dont want a White truck we will do without"

The very next day this brand spanking new truck was sent out to be painted inside and out at considerable expense ,

The paint color, of course "GREEN " ,

As the late Radio Personality Paul Harvey would have said the above is, part of the "Rest of the Story"


Bob Z