3D Margin Matrix

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Creating 3D Margins is:

  • the business' core activities lift up all three dimensions (i.e. environmental, economic and community) at the same time...with the same action
  • creates the DNA of the Business Seed
  • a strategic activity that all members of the living entity constantly engaged in, examine and improve (continuous improvement)
  • very similar to the "yield" concept in Permaculture system design

Community Dimension

Raises community wellbeing by identifying and incorporating ways to build:

  • Interdependent Relationships
    • The whole network adjusts based on what happens to one living part of the system ... it heals together
    • Story of the strength of one stick versus the strength of a bundle of sticks...many can't be broken
    • Link suppliers and customers very strongly
      • e.g. craigslist
  • Innovation and Learning Culture throughout the Business Organism
    • Everyone has access to knowledge and information...they are co-creators
    • Constantly building world class skills
    • Communities are constantly learning better, improved ways stay valuable to the environment around them.
  • Ownership and Accountability
    • All participants have ownership equity based on their contribution
    • Money is not the only way to acquire equity...equity is story energy
    • Seek funding from people/organizations with high community-wealth.
  • Connect Powerfully to the Local Community
    • Entity without borders...they are permeable
    • Whole local community wants the business to be successful...their very success is tied to it
    • Connect to high energy groups - art community
    • Pacific Biodiesel example ... 90% of revenue stays in the local community
  • Helpful Research

Environmental Dimension

  • Waste
    • Become a no waste organization
    • Reduce waste component of purchasing
    • Reuse what you don't use
    • Recycle
    • Return to the earth
  • Energy
  • Carbon
  •  % Renewable
  • Water
  • Purchase
    • Eliminate toxicity from supplies


  • Direct Margin
  • Profitability
  • Quality - Speed