2011 10 21 CFR003

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Cx Field Report 003 - 10/21/2011

Cx Activity & General Progress

  • Unit Checks (Installation and Start-Up Checks)
    • Check Sheets
    • Start-up Checks
    • Mfg. start-up reports on ERV, booster fan, and Earthroom fan.
    • Is heat exchanger adequate for charging the tanks by the Altherma in cooling mode without an efficiency penalty? Heat exchanger originally sized for feeding the radiant floor loop, with a potentially different heat transfer rate.
  • Technical Integration Testing (System Verification)
  • Back-checking resolved Cx issues
  • Sensor & Device Checkouts: The following items or questions still remain:
    • Check zone sensors in final locations.
    • If Altherma working, set dehumidifcation setpoints for correct range.
    • Storage tank cooling low limit is 68F. Should this actually be high limit?
    • Earth room temp setpoints and deadbands corrected?
    • T-6 domestic hot water temp, pick up in DDC?
    • T-7 radiant floor return temp appears out of calibration or not sensing pipe temp well. Approx. 4.8F off.
    • T-8 radiant floor supply temp effective setpoint meaning? Supply temperature reset? If so, it it based on outside air temp or zone loads?
    • PR-1 active but in alarm (10/17/11). Test.
  • Ventilation Modes of Operation
    • Need to have damper D-3 open 100% in mode 1 and mode 4.
  • 1.1 ERV SVT
    • Final fan readings
    • Building pressurization in each of 3 modes (ERV low/high, Booster F-3 low/high)
    • Safeties (wheel defrost)
    • Fan manual operation
    • Fan alarms (F-1, F-2)
  • 1.2 Booster Fan SVT
    • Final fan readings
    • Safeties
    • Fan manual operation
    • Fan alarms (F-3, F-4)
  • System Testing (Functional Performance Testing)
  • Fall Shoulder Season current weather mode - charging tanks for heating

Cx Issues Update

  • Please see linked documents for Cx Issues found.
    • Cx Issues Log (sorted by Status) is a short summary of issues in PDF format for tracking purposes with active items listed first.
    • Cx Issues is the full description of issues in PDF for record purposes.
    • Cx Issues Resolutions is an interactive Google Docs version of the issues with space for the resolution to be recorded along with name and date of responsible party taking care of the issue. Yellow highlights indicate spaces that should be completed as issues are completed or as questions get answered. J. Gallagher coordinating resolutions.

Next Steps

  • Suspend additional Cx activities until after operational issues are resolved.

Look Ahead

  • Prioritize basic cooling testing before weather too cold.
  • Need to understand plan for system/equipment alarms - priority, where alarm routed to, what action is required when alarm received (messaging).
  • Schedule submission of O&Ms manuals for review - completeness, specific to project.
  • Substantial completion and warranty start date - coordinate with warranty review session scheduling.