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Cx Field Report 002 - 10/14/2011

Cx Activity & General Progress

  • Reviewed status of Unit Checks (Installation and Start-Up Checks).
    • No change to Cx forms but start-up matrix being used by GGCxM to indicate what has been checked out. Click here for check sheets and here for start-up checks to review progress.
    • Received mfg. start-up report on Altherma and placed in Cx Record.
    • Received revised test and balance report for air and water systems and placed in Cx Record.
      • Report indicated deficiencies in airflow on booster fan.
      • All fan wheels were adjusted by Expert & GGCxM to get proper air gap on wheel assembly. This increased air capacity that fan delivers.
      • Expert Mechanical assisted GGCxM/GGCxA to confirm new airflows and find voltage settings on variable speed fan controls to obtain correct air distribution.
    • Still need mfg. start-up reports on ERV, booster fan, and Earthroom fan.
    • Altherma piping revised so that it feeds into the closed loop side of the heat exchanger instead of open (tank) side. Unit flow switch was tripping on low flow. Also found that some system valves were not opening quickly enough causing low flow, so time delays added on Altherma enable to allow valves to open up.
      • Would like to confirm that heat exchanger is adequate for charging the tanks by the Altherma in cooling mode without an efficiency penalty as heat exchanger was originally sized for feeding the radiant floor loop, with a potentially different heat transfer rate.
  • Continued Technical Integration Testing (System Verification).
    • Received points list from Cochrane.
    • Sensor testing and back-checking of Cx issues that have been resolved thus far is nearing completion.
    • Refer to sensor and device checkout sheet for additional information. The following items or questions still remain:
      • Check zone sensors once they are finally placed for operation to make sure no external influences are adversely impacting readings.
      • Once Altherma issues resolved, set dehumidifcation setpoints for correct range.
      • Storage tank cooling low limit is 68F. Should this actually be high limit?
      • Earth room temp setpoints and deadbands still not completely functional.
      • T-6 domestic hot water temp, confirm readout is only available on HydroBox control interface, not through DDC.
      • T-7 radiant floor return temp appears out of calibration or not sensing pipe temp well. Approx. 4.8F off.
      • T-8 radiant floor supply temp has heating setpoint, cooling setpoint, and effective setpoint listed on graphic. How is effective setpoint used? Does programming also have supply temperature reset? If so, it it based on outside air temp or zone loads? Please confirm.
      • PR-1 appears to be active now but is in alarm (10/17/11). Notify when set and ready for checkout.
      • Relative humidity setpoints are still being revised to prevent Altherma operation. Make sure to set for correct operation and notify CxA when ready for testing.
    • Completed point-to-point verifications on all dampers.
    • Tested all modes (1-7) of ventilation system operation on 10/14/2011.
      • Need to have damper D-3 open 100% in mode 1 and mode 4.
      • Balanced position for D-4 when Booster Fan is on high speed to get 760 CFM in main branch. Setpoint is 4 volts damper command signal.
      • Mode 7, unocc/dehumidify, tested to try to get 54% of air through coil and 46% through reheat branch by positioning damper D-3. Found various damper positions and resulting airflow did not appear to be repeatable. Verified that damper does not appear to be slipping on its shaft. Damper blade may be deflecting in the air stream causing differences in readings at same or only slightly different damper commands. Left D-3 at 50% command in this mode and will monitor to see what happens over time. This is an unoccupied mode, so only concern is to prevent condensation on exterior of ductwork when this mode is invoked.

Cx Issues Update

  • Please see linked documents for Cx Issues found.
    • Cx Issues Log (sorted by Status) is a short summary of issues in PDF format for tracking purposes with active items listed first.
    • Cx Issues is the full description of issues in PDF for record purposes.
    • Cx Issues Resolutions is an interactive Google Docs version of the issues with space for the resolution to be recorded along with name and date of responsible party taking care of the issue. Yellow highlights indicate spaces that should be completed as issues are completed or as questions get answered. J. Gallagher coordinating resolutions.

Next Steps

  • Expert/Cochrane still working on resolution of remaining issues.
  • Need manufacturer's check/test/start documentation for ERV, booster fan, and Earthroom fan. (Expert Mechanical)
  • Verify Unit Testing (Installation & Start-Up Checks). (GGCxA Team)
  • Continue Technical Integration Testing (System Verification) on hydronic systems. (GGCxA Team)
  • Confirm heat exchanger is adequate to charge tanks in cooling season using the Altherma. (Expert Mechanical)
  • Document System Testing from 10/17/11 event with large number of people in building. (GGCxA)

Look Ahead

  • Prioritize basic cooling testing before weather too cold.
  • Need to understand plan for system/equipment alarms - priority, where alarm routed to, what action is required when alarm received (messaging).
  • Schedule submission of O&Ms manuals for review - completeness, specific to project.
  • Substantial completion and warranty start date - coordinate with warranty review session scheduling.