2011 08 22 CFR001

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Cx Field Report 001

Cx Activity & General Progress

  • Reviewed status of Unit Checks (Installation and Start-Up Checks).
    • Need controls point-to-point checks. (Cx Issue - CI)
    • Check for mfg. start-up reports on major equipment (ERV, Altherma, fans).
  • Started Technical Integration Testing (System Verification).
    • Reviewed sensors and devices for location, installation, and calibration.
    • Data on accuracy of sensor readings completed successfully. Will need to perform additional calibration checks on piping sensors to determine if installation is providing accurate sensing when system is started up for heating and cooling modes because everything was at room temperature, so inconclusive as to that aspect.
    • Wireless space stats appear to be extremely slow to react to small changes in conditions, which is probably a good thing ultimately but provides challenges during testing. Subsequent to calibration check on 8/22/11, grouped sensors together and found to all be reading very close to the same temperature and humidity, and all appear to be within requirements. Will perform additional calibration verification when sensors are mounted in their final locations to make sure there are no external influences affecting their readings.
    • Most but not all devices completely installed yet. Need rest completed to continue with sequence of operation checks. Refer to Cx Issues Log.
    • Also, if deviations were necessary from the Basis of Design sequences of operation, need to know what the updated sequences include. Refer to Cx Issues Log.

Cx Issues Update

  • Please see linked documents for Cx Issues found.
    • Cx Issues Log is a short summary of issues in PDF format for tracking purposes.
    • Cx Issues is the full description of issues in PDF for record purposes.
    • Cx Issues Resolutions is an interactive Google Docs version of the issues with space for the resolution to be recorded along with name and date of responsible party taking care of the issue. Yellow highlights indicate spaces that should be completed as issues are completed or as questions get answered. Please feel free to put updates in this document that describe what will be done, but only add name and date when issue is truly physically resolved. Access to the document will be coordinated through J. Gallagher.
  • A few issues relate to the current graphics and system installation. It is understood that a few items or aspects of the controls and graphics are still in the process of being tested by contractors. These issues are just intended to track completion of these items or clarify understanding so that the commissioning process may continue as efficiently as possible.

Next Steps

  • Note: Dates and responsible parties to be confirmed by Construction Manager.
  • Post resolutions to Cx Issues (CI 001 - CI 017) on or before Monday, 8/29/11. (Responsible Parties)
  • Post resolutions to Cx Issues (CI 018 - CI 023) on or before Wednesday, 8/31/11. (Responsible Parties)
  • Receive preliminary copy of TAB report (pencil copy okay). (Expert Mechanical)
  • Receive manufacturer's check/test/start documentation for ERV, booster fan, and Altherma heat pump/water heater on or before Monday, 8/29/11. (Expert Mechanical)
  • Verify Unit Testing (Installation & Start-Up Checks) on 8/29/11. (GGCxA Team)

Look Ahead

  • Prioritize basic cooling testing before weather too cold and so transition to heating mass thermal storage can begin to occur.
  • Need to understand plan for system/equipment alarms - priority, where alarm routed to, what action is required when alarm received (messaging).
  • Need to understand trending capabilities and when it will be available to perform System Level Testing (functional performance testing).
  • Schedule submission of O&Ms manuals for review - completeness, specific to project.
  • Plan and schedule Owner training - what to cover, when, who to be there.
  • Substantial completion and warranty start date - coordinate with warranty review session scheduling.